BeautyStat Community Remembers, Shares, Reviews the Fragrances & Perfumes They Loved Back in the 70s, 80s & 90s

We’re taking a walk down Memory Lane today, reminiscing about the fragrances of yore that used to make us feel like all that and a bag of chips when we put them on (more like doused ourselves in them!). Which oldies but goodies did you used to rock? Do tell…we LOVE a good blast from the past!
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Briget Williams Daisy by Arden- I think. I can’t bear to even smell it now…
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Beauty Stat Some old faves of ours that come to mind: Calvin Klein’s Obsession and Eternity, Anais Anais, Liz Claiborne in the triangle bottles, Opium, Giorgio of Beverly Hills, Paloma Picasso, Guerlain Shalimar, Laura Ashley, Estee Lauder’s Knowing and Beautiful…the list goes on!
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Ricki Rosenblatt Perlman White Shoulders was my favorite.
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Lola Green Liz Claiborne “Realities”
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Paula Di Fabio Fasciano Ralph Lauren’s Safari…
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Lydia Johnson Elizabeth Taylor’s Passion and White Diamond was my favorite. 🙂
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Angela TheChamp Evans Design.. was an still is my favored.. 🙂
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Beauty Stat Sunflowers, too! Remember Sunflowers?!?
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Debra Ann Guidroz Llanes What about White Shoulders….Great
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Lola Green ‎”Sunflowers” AND “Red Door” by Elizabeth Arden! Loved those!
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Misty Burris Catheline OH MY as a teenager it was “Malibu Musk”… I loved it! 🙂
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Tanya Johnson Cool water
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Angela Morrow Crute Tommy Girl by Tommy Hifiger……was my fav!!!
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Beth Warren Giorgio and 273 by Fred Hayman.
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Judy Casagrande Guess great fragrance!& Breathless really miss them!
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Kelli McCombs Canales i remember loves baby soft being the first one i doused myself in lol. also loved colors by bennetton.
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Julia Davidson CK one
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Alyssa Gresham Cotton Candy scent
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Alyssa Gresham Alyssa Ashley perfume
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Kandy Wilson Long Sunflowers and navy
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Kelly Robertson I still wear Charlie every once in a while! My mum still wears Chanel No 5 and L’ar Du temp (s/p). My grandmother loves TABU! haha
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Stacey Fini My first ever perfume Loves Baby Solf, then Sunflower
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Peggy Imstillstanding Powell Curve for women! I loved it!
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Saida Mustakeem Latigue Elementary School — Youth Dew
7th/8th grade- Charlie
High School- Chloe, Bill Blass, Opium
Mid Twenties– Ysatis by Givenchy, Passion & White Diamonds by Liz Taylor…there are really too many to name & give their due. 🙂
I love fragrances, a…
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Kattie Swindle ODYSSEY
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Jon Giswold The holidays reminded me of buying my Mom Jean Nate, thinking it would make her feel cool and young. I remember wearing MUSK until I bought my first bottle if Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene. Memories!
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Jodi-Ann Clarke CK one
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Tammy Sides Opium and still love it, just use a little less.
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Danielle Cirino Angel
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Cindy Quisenberry RIVE GAUCHE By Yves Saint Laurent
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Melinda Sparks Sunflowers red door ckone and bath&body sun rippened rasberry
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Lisa Marie Amoruso How about Ralph Lauren’s Lauren? Paris by Yves St Laurent or Valentino???
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Stephanie Stiles When I was a teenager I used Emeraude Coty for women and Charlie perfume, o and also used Sand & Sable…
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Princessa O’Darkness Misty, I loved Malibu Musk. Everyone wore it. It smelled so pretty. Oh and sand and sable. Love it still.
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Jennifer Helm-Coleman Curve, Laura Ashley, Giorgio, Romance, Design and currently, Coco Mademoiselle and Buvlgari rose essentielle and omnia crystalline
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Adrian Kaplan Rosen Lauren and Gloria Vanderbilt all through high school and college!
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Marianne Horvath I used to be a fragrance model all those years ago. I Loved KL by karl Lagerfeld and Poison by Dior the origainals and poison Tendre. I introduced a lot of new ones and went to the schools about them, it was knowing the ingredents and a whole lot more then just spraying it on.
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Cynthia Xerogianes Ciara!
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Maritza Avila SKIN by Musk and Aliage by Estee Lauder.
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Joyce Szubinski Cinelli I use to wear Chanel 21.( It was on the market oh about 20 years ago…. ) BeSt scent ever! You could wear it during the day or at night. I believe it was Chanel’s best perfume line they ever made. ♥
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Paula Caudill Charlie!!
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Jodie L. Zdrok Boduch Beautiful, Red Door, Colors by Benetton, and Liz Clairborne. Have moved on from all of them but used to bathe in each.
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Andrea Marcus I used to wear Sweet Honesty when I was a young girl and then Charlie, Jovan Musk, Gloria Vanderbilt, Alyssa Ashley Musk. Boy, I canot believe how long it has been since I have wore some of these perfumes. ~Cheers~
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Holly Ann Mesa Red……m
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Starla Patton-Paulus Back in Junior High I wore Gloria Vanderbilt. Even now, when I smell it almost 30 years later, it takes me back to band practice and hanging out with my friends at the local grocery store in the makeup aisle. LOL, I’m from a small OK town, not a lot to do back then.
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Kimberly Ann Lowe Eternity.. seems so “old” now. Oh yeeahh, Tommy Girl in High School.
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Chany Adams Jean Nate was the first “perfume” my mom let me wear. It’s def a classic scent that transports me to my childhood whenever I smell anything remotely close to it.
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Anna Marie Cerda Amor Amor by Cacharel man I looove that stuff 🙂
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Jacqueline Gomez I used to love Victorias Secret Very Sexy!
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Kathleen Ellis I used to wear Exclamation! in high school! Ohhh, that ages me!
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Elle Gemma My blasts from the past were Opium & Poison back in the late 80’s but all through junior high & high school from 84-90 I wore Liz Claiborne on a daily basis! (with my Swatch & Tretorn tennis shoes!)
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Elle Gemma My main staple from ’84-90 was Liz Claiborne (it went perfect with my Swatch & Tretorn tennis shoes!) I was also very fond of Opium & Poison
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Aranza Sanz Omg Exclamation, Vanilla Fields, and Vanilla Musk when I was in high school :/
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Kayla Rose I wore fire and ice by revlon and glamorous by ralph lauren was my favorite but they discontinued it a few years ago =(
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Lisa Inzillo Hmmm….not in any particular order….Cinnabar, Opium, Oona, Emeraude, Chanel 21, Lauren, Eternity… and there is one that was sooo popular and I loved it, but it escapes me now (!) I have been known for wearing Coco Mademoiselle since it came out..Love Love Love it ! (Ooo what is that ? it smells so goood) and as always, still Love Chanel #5 🙂
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Mildred Rivera Said Iuse to like Cachet it was suppose to meld with your body
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Jeanmarie Nuno i remembr heaven scent when i was in junior high and oh de london, i thought i was so cool,in heaven scent your an imp wearing angels wings, LOL!
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Kathy Slack Walters Opium, Shalimar, Paco Rabonne, Anais Anais, Ciara, Cinnabar
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Kattie Swindle Cinnabar
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Kattie Swindle Exclamation, Charlie, Vanilla Musk
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Nanci Alderman Lauren, Tuxedo, Joy, First, Ma Griffe, Safari, Replique. i still have a bottle of Love’s Fresh Lemon from the year One and it still smells fresh!!!
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Tara Kingston Venezia by Laura Biagiotti was my favorite for many years. Also, Soft Musk by Avon and Wings by Giorgio.
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Valerie Lyons-Stancill Wild Musk, Charlie, Navy, too many to remember, but those were my favs back in the day!
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Beauty Stat speaking of fragrances, we reviewed the best and worst fragrances for 2010….. chk it out here and tell us if we missed anything… /fragrance/the-year-in-review-best-worst-fragrances-of-2010/
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Hempista Mag Amun. I still have a tiny amount left from the 80s. lol.
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Kimberly Hewett ck one
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Kristen Bond D’Antonio Obsession and Night Musk by Avon… lol
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Cindy Hall My all time fav was Gucci No. 3. My current woohoo scent is Pure Poison (Christian Dior) but my every day scent is now Charlie Red. I wore Imari for years and still love it. I was also a fan of Xia Xiang (sp) back in the day.
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Gina Fraser I loved Shalimar!! It is way too strong for me now.
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Carol Burlet What about Jontue??!!
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Amanda Sullivan ann klein havent used that in a while but love it
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Pat Kopac Carney Shalimar, Jean Nate…real oldies, huh?
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Andrea Marcus Everything my Mom had on her dresser. I used to try some when she was not looking! Safari, Fracas,(her favorite), Chanel #5, Design, and too much to list! ~Cheers~ She always knew when I put some on, too.
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MichElle L Lawson Christian Dior’s “Hypnotic Poison.” Nothing could come close to the way it used to make me feel! I always got compliments for it!
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PurpleEye Diamond I loved Exclamation….was able to get it at rite aid so i went through a bottle every 2 weeks
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