BeautyStat Community Shares/Reviews Their Must-Have Cosmetic Products - Even In Bad Weather

winterize your hair

All of this naasssttty weather has got us thinking: Which beauty product in your stash is such a must-have that you’d brave bad weather just to get it?

Gisela Tolano Mascara
February 3 at 8:24am · Like · 1 person

Kimberly Schultz Quinn mascara
February 3 at 8:24am · Like · 1 person

Beauty Stat And by “brave bad weather,” we don’t mean “put yourself in serious danger.” Of course. 😉
February 3 at 8:26am · Like · 4 people

Heather Wriston Wheeler Tinted lip balm.
February 3 at 8:26am · Like · 3 people

Dawn Duff Moisturizer!
February 3 at 8:28am · Like

Jody Percha ben-gay
February 3 at 8:29am · Like

Amber Sims Del Rosario LANCOME WATERPROOF MASCARA&EYELINER,with pink lip gloss
February 3 at 8:29am · Like

Leira Guanzon Brave bad weather? It was a blizzard the other day! Cars were being blown into eachother, ppl were stranded on roads for 11 hours! Thanks but no thanks, I’m staying at home so I don’t need any makeup! Lbvs
February 3 at 8:34am · Like · 4 people

Cheri Leathers-Snyder ‎…im a makeup junkie and i so agree with you Leira!
February 3 at 8:42am · Like · 1 person

Cheri Leathers-Snyder ‎….that’s when the beauty of on-line shopping comes in handy 😀
February 3 at 8:44am · Like · 2 people

Leira Guanzon Lol I completely agree Cynthia!
February 3 at 8:44am · Like

Brandy MissMe Pierce Night time face cream
February 3 at 8:45am · Like

Keysha Daniels a scarf…lol
February 3 at 8:50am · Like

Charlene Ragsdale Agreed with Cheri – buy online. I rarely buy in stores – just shop online
February 3 at 8:54am · Like · 1 person

Amy C Biron Mark. The big fix 15 in 1 balm…this little stick does everything.
February 3 at 9:01am · Like

Sha’ahn Williams concealer
February 3 at 9:13am · Like

Tammy Sides plain old h20 which at the moment I have none of due to the weather.
February 3 at 9:18am · Like · 1 person

Upasana Sahu chapstick and body lotion, can’t bear dry lips and body anytime.
February 3 at 9:21am · Like · 2 people

Angela Morrow Crute MOISTURIZER and my Nivea Kiss of moisture ballm!!!!!!!
February 3 at 9:35am · Like · 2 people

Stacey Fini Def got to worry about my skin so lotions and for my son
February 3 at 9:53am · Like · 1 person

Staci Brooks Dermalogica Active Moist
February 3 at 10:22am · Like

Andrea Marcus Have to have my Crest White Strips!
February 3 at 10:27am · Like · 1 person

Cindy Hall Lip balm – indoors and out!
February 3 at 11:15am · Like · 1 person

Lindsay Delong Lip balm. I currently have 5 different types and I’m STILL on the look out for the perfect one, which eludes me.
February 3 at 11:16am · Like · 1 person

Meg Martin-Clifton Moisturizer!
February 3 at 11:16am · Like · 1 person

Victoria Lambah-Stoate Elizabeth Arden Flawless Finish Mousse Foundation
February 3 at 11:46am · Like · 1 person

Kimberly Schultz Quinn mascara
February 3 at 7:38pm · Like

Jords B Slaughter My Swedish Chapstick! Cold weather does horrible things to the lips so better keep them soft and nourished!
February 3 at 8:34pm · Like

Nicole Berg What bad weather when you can shop online.
February 4 at 1:09am · Like

Tatiana Saracho Moisturizer, and chapstick/lip balm! I love shopping online during bad weather–and during good weather too! LOL!
February 4 at 1:38am · Like · 1 person

Danika Carter My Miessence Probiotic Skin Brightener. It’s amazing what it does to my skin…and without toxic chemicals!
February 4 at 4:00am · Like

Shannon Carter my Cargo Triple Action mascara! BEST MASCARA EVER MADE.
February 4 at 8:22am · Like

Marti Sanchez Quashnock Moisturizer and lipbalm is a must!
February 4 at 12:56pm · Like

BeeNa Chavan- Bandwalkar lipbalm and mascara- instant face boosters 😀
February 5 at 12:26pm · Like

Stacy Razo- Jeffers as much water as you can drink ,def take care of those lips ladies must have a morning facial/moisturizer aswell as a night cream!!! and whatever you personally use to prevent dry hair!!!!!
February 5 at 3:10pm · Like

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