(Before/After Videos): Queen Helene® Consumer Ambassadors Give you their Unvarnished Opinion on the Royal Curl™ Line - Sponsored

From micro twists to big sumptuous waves, getting the curly look you want can be a challenge. Dryness, frizz, breakage, and humidity are all challenges that we curly haired girls know all too well.

(Review) Queen Helene Royal Curl Line

With Royal Curl™ hair care products infused with The Queen Bee’s Royal Jelly, Queen Helene® promises frizz-free days without compromising on moisture. Think defined curls and smooth waves, without harsh chemicals .

Well, since talk is cheap, we asked several of our Consumer Ambassadors to give their candid opinion on the Royal Curl™ Line, in the video below:

All the videos are the Ambassadors’ true and tested opinions, so you can see for yourself if these are the products for you.

Discover the Keys to the Moisture Kingdom

In a bee hive, there’s only one Queen who dines exclusively on Royal Jelly, a nutrient packed super-food with 17 amino acids, plus Vitamins A, B, C, D, and K. Queen Helene® infuses Royal Jelly into each new Royal Curl™ product to nourish and rejuvenate every crown of curls from short and tight to long and bouncy. Together with natural oils and botanical extracts, the Royal Jelly in New Royal Curl™, delivers luxurious shine and ultimate softness while defending hair from heat and humidity.

Fit for a Queen

From the first use, the effect of Royal Curl™ is dramatic. Immediately, hair cuticles are wrapped in nourishing hydration to enhance natural curl patterns. Day after day, wavy curls are softened and plumped up with energy; ringlet curls are hydrated and elegantly defined; and tightly coiled and kinky curls are deeply nourished, softened and tangle-free.

Crown Jewels

Royal Curl™ features Stay Clean Shampoo that cleanses your delicate curls thoroughly but leaves them frizz free. Moisture Rich Conditioner detangles and seals in hydration. Curl Shaping Crème is the line’s true star: it’s like a leave-in conditioner that magically offers the hold of a styling gel without dryness or crunch. For extra nourishment and shine, a tiny dab of Curl Smoothing Oil is a smoothing wonder.

Natural Wonder

The best part is that Royal Curl™ is all natural, with no sulfates, petrolatum, parabens or phthalates to weigh down your curls or irritate your scalp. And since every woman should be able to enjoy the perks of royalty, each product in the line is only $7.95 SRP.

Consider your kinks softened and your curls refined.

Look for Queen Helene®Royal Curl™ products in the health and beauty aisle of natural food stores, in the natural section or health and beauty aisle of your favorite grocery stores or beauty supply stores. Or visit https://consumer.queenhelene.com/store-locator/index.html