(Review) Why Soak in a Tub of Bath Salts? A Case for Au Naturel Ayurveda Aromatic Bath Salt

Lying in Au Naturel Ayurveda’s aromatic bath salt, I could only think about doing nothing. I emptied my mind of thoughts, and felt strangely tranquil as the sun’s rays peeked through the window. It truly is wonderful when a product speaks to the body without words.

Taking a bath should feel comfortable, relaxing even, and the body should feel a release of tension and muscles relaxing. Bath salts don’t strip away moisture: rather, they hydrate. The best way to take a bath is to run some water in the tub, pour two scoops of salts under the water and then, simply soak.

The Romans used to take baths regularly: incorporating a bath into your schedule is therapeutic because it can treat pain and relieve irritations and heal the muscles. Bathing is a therapeutic method that can treat pain and relieve irritations and we’re glad Au Natural Ayurveda has organic bath salts.

You can purchase this bath salt online. It’s $18.99 and worth the splurge.

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Danielle Beckford