Benefit Sugarbomb "Sugar with Flush" Face Powder

Gimme some sugar,” has been utter many times, for many purposes, but perhaps most effectively by Mr. Bruce Campbell in Army of Darkness, but that’s best detailed over a cup of coffee on a cold, rainy day. Today, we’re thinking sugary thoughts following Benefit’s urgent demand for sweetness to the next level with its newest face luminzer, Sugarbomb ($28.)

Benefit Sugarbomb

This latest boxed face powder blends triangles of peach, rose, pink and plum together to produce a softly shimmering pink flush. Like most of Benefit’s cheekily-named products, Sugarbomb gives those not in the know the impression that you just rolled out of bed illuminated from within.


Personally, I think that’s a perk money can’t buy. On top of this, every time I use it, I’ll think of Bruce Campbell, and get that smile that only comes when contemplating the cheese-fest known as Army of Darkness. Yet another benefit that you can’t put a price on.