Instant Anti-Wrinkle Results: 24.7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

If seeing is believing then I really believe! When 24.7 Skincare landed on my desk, I looked at the red and white packaging and wondered if it was really going to be as good as the product claimed. The “Targeted Wrinkle Treatment” promised instant results through its formulation of “de-aging” ingredients from GABA, Ginseng Root and Orchid Flower extract.

24.7 Skincare Targeted Wrinkle Treatment

You can use this product for lines and wrinkles, creases, redness, stretch marks, crow’s feet and even enlarged pores, and though the texture felt a little grout-y and tacky at first (I was ready to spread it on tiles in the bathtub!), I was ready to give it a whirl on my forehead where my creases were getting deeper than the Grand Canyon.

Apply a dab onto clean dry skin directly onto your wrinkles, and gently pat it in, allowing your skin to absorb it. The trials showed that 100% of testers saw 55-88% decrease in the appearance of lines and wrinkles in 10 minutes- and guess what? We did too.

This Targeted Wrinkle Treatment could well put Botox, syringes and other queasy medical instruments into a coffin.The results are best seen when you use the 24.7 Skincare Daily Purifying Facial Scrub ($15.99).

24.7 Skincare Daily Purifying Scrub

Get your Targeted Wrinkle treatment for $39.99 at Target.