Best in Beauty Series: The Most Architectural Looking Lipsticks

While most lipsticks we review never cease to amaze us in their quality of ingredients, some of them wow us with their design. Living in New York City, we’re constantly surrounded by some pretty impressive structures, from the Lipstick Building located on Lexington Avenue designed by Philip Johnson to the eco-friendly, almost silvery Hearst Tower. Such inspired architectural poise also translates into the realm of makeup. Here are a few of our iconic lippie favorites inspired by the look and grace of some iconic architectural buildings.

Tom Ford Private Blend Lipstick:

Tom Ford Private Blend

Tom Ford just celebrated his one year anniversary since launching his twelve classic lipstick colors. They are created with rare and exotic ingredients such as Brazilian Murumuru Butter and Soja Seed extract. They have a very creamy texture to them and range in colors from nude to fire engine red. His initials are embossed onto the actual lipstick at the very part where you’d put it onto your lips (I’m guessing he thought it would be a sexy thing to have thousands of women placing his name on their pout). The lipstick looks like a piece of jewelry : the packaging is clean and when closed it’s like you were given a perfect white box with gold trim. Architectural simplicity and elegance at its best. $45 each at Neiman Marcus.

Guerlain’s Rouge Automatique Lipstick, and Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact:

Guerlain Automatique Lipstick Guerlain Rouge G Lipstick

Guerlain’s Rouge G Jewel Lipstick Compact and its iconic new Automatique lipsticks are like Cartier on your vanity. Designed by Lorenz Baumer, the young and talented jeweler in Place Vendome, the Rouge G compact is a horizontal design with a mirror that automatically appears when the compact is open. Their star ingredient is ruby powder which they say optimizes the luminosity of the colors and also acts as an optical whitener. Tiger Grass and Wild Mango Butter are also key ingredients.

The latest Rouge Automatique opens with one flick of the finger, and come in 25 shades. The gold case has an extremely luxurious feel to it, and the iconic button with the cursive G only makes it look all the more watermarked.

Guerlain Kiss Kiss Lipstick

The gold-toned marshmallow looking Kiss Kiss Lipstick is a curvaceous, quirky yet ergonomically friendly piece of architecture. We’re giving Guerlain an A+ when it comes to both lipstick and architectural mastery.

Cle de Peau Rouge a Levres Extra Rich Lipstick.

Cle de Peau Lipstick

Cle De Peau is known for its number one selling concealer, and its color cosmetics never fail to impress in their beauty, structure and artistry. The Rouge a Levres Extra Rich lipstick comes in 16 shades, and two more will be released in the fall. They replenish, hydrate and are a treatment for your lips while delivering rich color (key magic ingredient? Argan oil). The design of the lipstick themselves is fascinating: they have facets in them much like you’d see in gemstones. I asked why they were shaped so differently than the norm and was told they are meant to make it easier to put on the lips. I was actually told at the beauty counter that a lip liner was unnecessary with this shape. This retails for $60 each.

What are your most favorite pieces of lipstick architecture?

Nicole Gordon Levine & BeautyStat staff

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