Bliss Triple Oxygen Mask: A Jolt of Joes for Your Face

If you want more fun than you’ve had going out with your gal pals to a nightclub and dancing to ‘80s music, you should try Bliss Triple Oxygen Instant Energizing Mask.

The mask is a clear gel, and once you spread it all over your damp skin, the mask is activated. Bubbles of oxygen froth all over your face like a delicate veil. Your skin genuinely feels enthralled, as though it is at a Bon Jovi concert.

You have to leave it on for five minutes, and by the time the clock has finished ticking the froth has virtually disappeared. Why oxygenate your skin? The oxygen levels that reach down to the facial tissues through natural blood micro-circulation can plummet by up to 70% by the age of thirty.

We’re not saying that it’s time for your skin to call the coffin maker, but a little oxygen and sunscreen can really help bring that joie de vivre to your skin and that fresh, rosy glow that’s reserved only for screen sirens wearing a lot of blush or Gretchen, the farmer’s daughter in Germany.

Oxygen is also great for acne, so use this mask thrice weekly to banish those zits forever faster than a magic potion or ancient spell. $52 at