Akasha Spinlash: Should You Give this a Whirl?

It’s a motorized wand. No, wait, it’s a mascara on steroids. Holy cow, it’s a slow-motion lash separator.

You’ve heard about it, read about it, now get the candid, unbiased opinion here. I had heard so many things (good and bad) about Spinlash and got one to review last week.

I have to admit that it was a little bit like reading a manual to figure how everything works. The cap of the Spinlash comes separate from the body, and the cap is actually the part that contains the mascara (in a little cartridge inside the cap, there’s mascara that looks like ink). The problem for me is that the “ink” leaked when I stored it away for a day so I had to wash the mascara off the cap.

Once you stick the wand inside the cap, you’ll get the bristles all coated with Spinlash’s own mascara. This is not really advisable, since that mascara is not my favorite…it’s clumpy and not waterproof, and will smudge. I prefer to use the Spinlash with my mascara, Diorshow.

I tested one eye with my normal, everyday mascara, and my other eye with Spinlash. The Spinlash definitely separated each last with finer precision than my regular wand. No question! My ordinary mascara wand left my lashes extremely clumpy, no matter how much I tried to comb them out.

But what’s the ideal situation for the lash-loving girl? If you simply must have each lash separated, give this a whirl. Even though the motorized wand spins v-e-r-y s-l-o-w-l-y, I still love the manual labor of separating each lash manually.

I’ve broken down the review into pros and cons:


o You can use your own mascara and wand with it
o It DOES separate each lash, probably better than my own application.
o It’s automatic, and therefore good for people with arthritis or dexterity problems


o It costs $15. I mean….seriously?
o It doesn’t always work. Click, click, kaput.
o Once the battery dies, it’s dead as a tombstone. You have to shell out another $15 to get a new one.

The Spinlash retails at Target and other drugstores. So, are you going to give it a whirl?