Boyfriend Perfume Launch Preview: An Interview with Actress Kate Walsh

When you speak to actress Kate Walsh of Gray’s Anatomy and Private Practice fame, you really know you’re in the presence of someone. At the launch of her first fragrance, Boyfriend at The Greenwich Hotel this week, I was impressed to see the vision, the exquisite details and big picture thinking that went into the fragrance and the brand.

Kate Walsh Boyfriend Fragrance

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

“I ultimately want Boyfriend to be a lifestyle,” she says. This is not a “get rich quick” scheme or another “celebrity” fragrance as Kate is quick to point out. The idea of the fragrance came to Kate after she had broken up with her boyfriend, and she “missed that scent.” She wanted everyone to have the option of having a boyfriend because “you don’t need a boyfriend to have one.”

This cute, heart warming story unravels the quest for the perfect warm combination of ingredients (blended by the house of Givaudan), the iconic packaging (inspired by the timeless Chanel No. 5 and done by the famous Chad Levine) and the series of hilarious self-produced and creative You Tube commercials.

Photo credit: Matthew Minucci

“I wanted a women’s scent but wanted it to smell like a boyfriend,” she says, “and when I thought of the concept all these slogans came up.” Kate’s innate talent for not only looking at the details (e.g. the packaging and ingredients) but also the big picture shows in this organic, full-bloom of a creation. She also financed the venture herself, and is a proud owner of her company.

The fragrance itself is warm, woody and plummy, with notes of tuberose, sandalwood and cedarwood for its drydown. It’s a blend of woods and florals. There are also hints of warmth in the vanilla notes too (the Boyfriend pulse point oil is one of Sephora’s best sellers).

Everything in this line is iconic, a keepsake, a classic, from the hefty medallion of the solid perfume (that comes in an elegant faux croc skin packaging with gold zipper) to the traincase ($95). The traincase is very much like a treasure box you open up, and filled with a 0.5 Eau de Parfum, a mini pulse point oil, a mini dry oil, and a 1.6 oz. body cream as well as candle. It’s a great gift giving item.

The box is very black matte and gold lettering, with names of boyfriends (Kate’s not telling) scrolling on them like ticker tape. We want to snuggle with it and keep it cozy by our side.

The Boyfriend perfume comes in a full-size bottle and priced at $65, with various other layering options. And as for the perfume, we’re already moving in together.

Have you sniffed Boyfriend yet? Drop us a line if you have. We would love to know your thoughts.

– Charu Suri