(Exciting Reader Sponsored Review & Giveaway) Uncompromising Beauty: The Vision of Votre Vu

They say you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, but we can definitely judge a good product by the way it smells and feels on the skin. What makes Votre Vu (loosely interpreted as “your you” in French) so different from other skincare products on the market is its quality and formulation.

(Exciting Reader Sponsored Giveaway) Uncompromising Beauty: The Vision of Votre Vu

Director of Product Development and Marketing Jean Louise Lilly tells us that Votre Vu sets the bar high when it comes to quality, and wanted to find the lab that creates products both “mindfully and scientifically.” The company’s startup team, CEO and founder Harold Zimmerman, Vice President Ann Brodette, and Jean Louise Lilly found a perfect fit in a third-generation French family-owned business. This was a lab that had been creating products for over 80 years, and “green minded” from the very start — long before the terms “natural” and “organic” even became buzzwords.

This brand is not about “mass market” mentality; rather, all its skin care and hair care products are carefully crafted in small batches, with exceptional attention to detail and quality. The proof is in the pudding: when you apply a product on your skin or hair, you’ll immediately feel the quality, potency and efficacy without experiencing any toxic assault. “Our products have a lovely aroma but this will dissipate when they sink into the skin and go to work,” says Jean Louise Lilly. This is because the products are infused with fine essential oils that are completely natural. Votre Vu affords very sensible pricing for a fine hand-crafted French line and the opportunity to receive discounts of 50% off or more! Just makes us adore this brand even “a-mour!”

(Exciting Reader Sponsored Giveaway) Uncompromising Beauty: The Vision of Votre Vu

Votre Vu now has a loyal following and is sold online in the United States, including Puerto Rico. The brand appeals to both men and women who have embraced core products like the SnapDragon Beauty Beverage (the company’s best seller and winner of Redbook’s “Most Valuable Product” in 2010) and the innovative hand crème/lip balm duo called “Duette.” Because of the stringent standards imposed by France, the products go through a rigorous system of checkpoints so that what the consumer purchases are truly the best of the best. And to underline this claim, the brand offers a 45-day money-back guarantee to all consumers.

The men’s line is also distinctive, with sleek black matte packaging that looks both elegant yet tough. “Men love simplicity,” says Jean Louise Lilly. Simplicity, efficacy and functionality play a big role in products like the men’s 3-in-1 wash and the Beau Baume shave cream which has had much success with our repeat customers. And since the company believes in full transparency, you can find all the ingredients listed on Vu’s e-boutique at www.VotreVu.com.

As though this were not enough, Votre Vu welcomes Brand Ambassadors who would like to learn more about the line, promote the line to friends and family, and make some extra income on the side. “We have people doing this on a part-time basis, and also those making a significant income,” says Jean Louise Lilly. While many people may think of the direct sales person as a mature lady, Jean Louise says she has seen so many fresh faces including 20 something-year-old men who are really enjoying the business of being a Brand Ambassador.

Votre Vu products are sold online at www.VotreVu.com

(Exciting Reader Sponsored Giveaway) Uncompromising Beauty: The Vision of Votre Vu

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