Review: Branche's Charmeuse Pillowcase Promises Wrinkle Free Skin

We’ve long heard that sleeping on our backs and sides creases up our faces and snarls our hair. A dermatologist once told me that he could tell what side I slept on more often because I had more tiny wrinkles on that side of my face. Branche’s Charmeuse Pillowcase ($75 at claims to make some big headway in this department – the case itself is infused with 18 amino acids and copper, and the slippery charmeuse itself promises to keep our hair smooth and our skin wrinkle free.

Review, Branche Charmeuse Anti-Wrinkle Pillow Case

It sounds great in theory, and I eagerly shrugged my pillow into the tester provided and settled in for a long night of great-looking sleep. I can’t speak too much on the subject of wrinkles, since it would take months, possible years to get an accurate read on how the case affects those, but I didn’t really notice a difference in my hair. Even more surprising, the luxe fabric didn’t feel so luxe – after a night in an un-air-conditioned apartment, it felt more than a little hot and sticky. I found my self waking up through the night and longing for my simple, crease-making, knot-inducing, moisture-wicking cotton.

The moral of the story: If you lose sleep over the wrinkles you might get while sleeping, and have a phenomenal air-conditioner, go ahead and try out the Branche pillowcase. I, on the other hand, will continue to sleep well on the fabric of my life now, and worry about the lines on my face later.

Tell us, would you invest in a pillow case infused with amino acids that promise wrinkle-free skin?

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What do you beauties think of this pillow?

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Katharine McKenzie