Curves in All the Right Places: Model Crystal Renn Succumbs to Industry Pressure

From plus-sized beauty to “heroin chic,” a recent article in the New York Post about model Crystal Renn exposes the modeling industries pressures to stay thin.

Highly regarded as one of the most successful plus-sized models, friends and fans alike have come forward with their concern for Renn and her recent rapid weight loss. The speculation began after Renn walked the runway for Chanel in St. Tropez back in May where she looked two sizes smaller than she claims to be, a size 10. Her agency, Ford Models, also posted photos to its blog showcasing the once plus-sized model appearing with her now sunken eyes and drawn face.

The article mentions that Renn did lose some weight, and acknowledges her battle with her curvy figure when she began modeling at the age of 16 and ate less than 1,000 calories a day to remain 95 pounds. Renn is quoted in the article saying: “I decided to be a plus-sized model and let my body be what it was meant to be,” she told The Post in September. “Women are taught that if they get skinny, their lives will be perfect. But real life doesn’t work that way. I’m here to prove it.”

After all of the fortune and fame as a plus-sized model, Renn appears to be battling with her figure yet again. Despite the recent “acceptance” of curvier figures in the media and modeling world, the article adds that many say the fashion world will never accept women with a little extra meat on their bones.

Tell us, do you think Crystal Renn is just trying to keep up with the rest of the modeling business? Is there too much pressure on models (even plus-sized) to be thin? Do you think being thin makes you successful?

Allison McKenna