CEW Goody Bag Project: Thymes Essentials Face Polish

I’ve always been a sucker for face polishes. Like Niles Crane lusting for Daphne Moon in “Frasier,” I’ve pursued the perfect face polish for years. I won’t say Thymes fulfills that desire perfectly, but it does come close. The Essentials Face Polish has a pleasant “citrusy tangerines of Seville” fragrance, and polishes the dead skin cells with fine silica powder from sea algae.

Like the yin with the yang, the drying exfoliating action is counteracted by aloe and glycerin in this paraben-free, propylene glycol-free formula.

It does give you that instant brightning skin makeover, and the faint aroma of cucumbers and tangerines makes you feel that you’ve dipped your toe into the Mediterranean, albeit for a brief, fleeting moment.

Buy it here.