M Lab Skincare: Pricey Promises

M Lab, an offshoot of the pharmaceutical Milbar Laboratories, recently brought out a line of cosmeceuticals to the public. Like their prescription counterparts, these topical treatments contain large quantities of active ingredients.

Their Anti-Aging Cleanser ($60) did a respectable job of removing make-up. Surprisingly, the Anti-Aging Toner ($60) did not dry my skin, as some toners will.

A little of the Anti-Aging Treatment Serum ($275) goes a very long way and firmed my skin, while following it with Anti-Aging Treatment Cream ($260) left it well moisturized. The Anti-Aging Eye Cream ($170) has no irritants, and lightened my dark under-eye circles.

A few notes at this juncture: First, if you seek shine control, look elsewhere. These products hydrate, but I did have to press on some extra powder to cover the glossiness they caused. Second, if you apply products on top of each other (such as the Treatment Cream, or one of the following products over the Serum) wait at least five to ten minutes between each layer. This allows your first product to really sink in and do its job. I learned the hard way that slapping the various creams and treatments on at the same time just leads to a big slimy mess.

The next products work with the ones above, or in place of them. M Lab allows the customer to create a some what personalized regime by working in these specific things as needed.

In the mornings, their Anti-Aging Day Treatment SPF 15 ($125) multi-tasked by fending off wrinkles while protecting my skin from sun damage. When I worked the Anti-Aging Blemish Control Cleanser ($75) and the Anti-Aging Blemish Control Treatment ($175) into the rotation, they toned down the redness in said blemishes. My acne did not disappear, but I had a slightly easier time covering them with make-up.

I have spoken well of all these products because they did their jobs in a competent fashion. I may be dancing on the edge of distastefulness, but I must be frank: When I researched these items, their prices shocked me. For these prices, I expect something very close to a miracle. Unfortunately, I did not experience one with M Lab products.