Chinese New Year 2009 Beauty From LUSH

2009 is the “Year of the Ox” according to the Chinese Calendar. The stubborn ones (like me) are in luck, then. If you’re into this fortune cookie, Chinese calendar sort of thing, LUSH Cosmetics has launched some emotibombs to celebrate the occasion.

The LUSH Double Fast Luck Emotibomb will bring double your dose of good luck (now go buy that Lotto ticket).

Scented with LUSH’s popular Karma scent, it is in the shape of the symbolic lucky coin. What I love about the Emotibombs is the fresh scent as the bathtub shower rains on it. It disappears too quickly for my taste (now you see it, now you don’t) but the fragrance it leaves behind is so magical and fresh that you’ll save these for special occasions or that romantic date.

Retails for $3.95 at