Clarins Everlasting Foundation with SPF 15

Comfortable, creamy and fluid – or so the packaging says – but anything made by Clarins not only comes in a pretty package (in this case it’s a frosted glass pump with a gold cap), it delivers with more reliability than Fedex Priority Overnight.

The new foundation kid on the block is the Clarins Everlasting Foundation (yes, it will continue to live on long after we mortals reach our expiration date).

Clarins Everlasting Foundation

The product claims to have the staying power of 15 hours (we haven’t tested it, so we don’t know, but we’re going to — believe me). It contains Clarins’ exclusive Light-Optimizing Complex that helps erase those Mariana trenches called wrinkles and crows feet.

Plant extracts from the Acacia patch act like reservoirs on the skin to keep it smooth and supple. Remember, moisturizing is a KEY way to prevent aging people. That’s about as much of a factoid as the “Death and Taxes” statement.

There are eight shades to choose from, one for every gal under the golden sun – from the fair lassie to the skin the color of brown berries.

This retails for $35 at your Clarins counters and online.

– Charu Suri