Vapour Organic Beauty Launches Halo Body Spotlight in "Moonlight"

There are as many beauty products as there are fish in the sea (or coral, or kelp or different types of seaweed, but we’ll get down to the System of Oceanic Classification some other day).

Vapour Organic Beauty really impressed me when I was introduced to it for the first time last year and this year they’re introducing some brand new products, including the Halo Body Spotlight in Moonlight, just in time for the summer.

Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Body Spotlight

This stick contains a creamy, chemical-free shimmer that rivals Josie Maran’s Argan Oil when it comes to body glitz. It’s subtle but not TOO subtle: this stick should absolutely be in your purse when you bare your skin and take your bikini bod to the beach. Just look at it:

Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Body Spotlight

Vapour Organic Beauty Halo Body Spotlight

This stick is a pile of total organic glitz! It’s formulated in the Vapour Organic botanical base of 70 percent certified organic food-grade ingredients. This color, called Moonlight, is perfect for all skin tones, even if you’ve recently hit the tanning bed (tsk, tsk…we won’t tell). It contains anti-inflammatory ingredients of Frankincense (sure, you can give it as a Magi gift during Christmas), Lotus Flower and Tulsi.

Check out how beautifully it came out on my hands. If you think this is glitzier than Liberace, then just go easy on the dab.

What do you think? Do you dig this new Vapour Organic Beauty offering? The Halo Body Spotlight in Moonlight retails for $34 online.

Charu Suri