Clarins Introduces Multi Active Day Cream

Last week, I had the opportunity to visit the Clarins office to learn about their latest beauty breakthrough. Actually, they’re calling it THE breakthrough of the year: The new Multi-Active Day Cream is geared for the 21st century woman: one who juggles ten million tasks throughout her day.

Clarins Multi Active Day Cream

And let’s face it, who doesn’t feel overwhelmed by the zillion tasks ahead of her? The kids, the laundry, the shopping….even a To Do List would feel pressured at it all. To kick off the event, we saw a cute little video called “Une Femme Actif” (Clarins’ first-ever short) on a day in the life of the proverbial Clarins woman.

Multi-Active Day was created by Clarins specifically to address anti-aging concerns through early correction, continuous protection and visible perfection. This means combating wrinkles and putting the “spring” and elasticity back into skin.

How does the product do this? The company claims that Ambiaty extract brings back the “ spring” to skin while Hesperidin gives antioxidant protection all day long. Ambiaty Extract can only be obtained from the high planes of Madagascar and is a botanical extract; Hesperidin is obtained from orange peel and is considered “the most powerful and natural antioxidant.”

The product also contains a proprietary time release delivery system as well as Quinoa Seed and light-reflecting pigments.

Multi-Active Day comes in the following formulations ($54 each):

Early wrinkle correction cream – for all skin types

Early wrinkle correction cream – for dry skin

Early wrinkle correction cream gel– for Normal to Combination Skin

Early wrinkle correction correcting lotion SPF 15– for all skin types

clarins Multi Active Day Skin

An aesthetician giving a complimentary mini facial using the special Clarins patting technique

In addition to learning about this new product, we were reminded about how committed Clarins is to customer service and the art of pampering at makeup counters. When you visit any Clarins counter, you can get a 20 minute complimentary skin time facial treatment that identifies your skin concern and teaches you how to apply the product (apparently the founder, Jacques Courtin-Clarins, did not advocate the art of rubbing the product into skin, but more the art of PATTING the product lightly to prevent future sagging and wear and tear).

I left the event with a great tip on how to prevent scratches on your skin by too much aggressive rubbing (who knew?). Apparently even pollution on your hands can scratch the surface skin if you rub in concentric circles. I’m still trying to master the art of patting product into skin, but it’s VERY tempting to rub. Try it and you’ll see what I mean.

I think every woman out there should take advantage of the free Clarins mini-facial opportunity and learn the technique for herself. After all, actions speak louder than words.