Signals – The Anti-Aging Stem Cell Solution & GIVEAWAY

We’ve heard a lot about stem-cell technology, which is supposedly taking the beauty industry by storm, but the idea of applying, well, stem cells to our own face has as much appeal as a root canal. Luckily StemCell Products, a new contender in the field, has found a way around our squeamishness with a product line called Signals.

Signals Stem Cell Day Lotion

The technology is a bit hard to follow, but basically Signals captures the “signals” of adult stem cells in a cream solution, which prompt aging cells to behave like those in 19-year-old skin. There are no actual stem cells in any of the products.

Signals Stem Cell Exfoliant

The three-sku line consists of an anti-aging peptide-based exfoliant; a day lotion to protect and repair the skin; and a super-hydrating night cream to repair and restore the skin’s elasticity. The day lotion and night cream dispensers deliver the precise amount of product without allowing any air to come in contact with the active ingredients, which means there’s less chance that the cream or lotion will become stale, contaminated, or oxydized. We find that the day lotion even helps our makeup go on more smoothly.

Signals Stem Cell Night Cream

The company claims that in two-week clinical trials, the hydration of the subjects’ skin increased by up to 107%. We saw that after two weeks of consistent use, our complextion glowed. There was a noticeable change in the softness and smoothness of our skin, and our fine lines and wrinkles appeared to be diminished.

The three-item kit is $199.95. Each kit should last two months, which translates to about $100 per month. (Postage and handling charges are $9.95 per order but are waived if you sign up for the Auto Ship program.) New customers get a free trial period, during which they can return the products for any reason within 45 days. For more information or to place an order, go to

We are giving away a complete kit, valued at $199.95, to a reader (chosen at random) who enters a comment below. Winners will be notified via email. GOOD LUCK!