Crest White Strips Advanced Seal Review

The popular home teeth whitening system is an easy and more economical way to get a whiter, brighter smile.

The individual packets contain a single strip for your upper teeth and a single strip for your lower teeth; think of it as putting tape on your teeth: there is a sticky side and a non-sticky side. Once the sticky side is in contact with something, it is going to be difficult to make any adjustments. Once on, the strips were not unpleasant or uncomfortable as I had imagined. You are aware they are on, but you don’t feel like they are going anywhere if you get thirsty, in fact, the instructions state you can drink water with them on.

Leave on for 30 minutes while you check email, do dishes or put on your makeup, then remove them. They require some effort to remove, I was a little scared I wouldn’t be able to get them off at all or that part of them would break off. That did not happen, I was able to remove the strips (in one piece) with just a little force.

As for the whitening? They did change my teeth somewhat in a few days, but these need more than a few uses to see results (the box says 14 days).

The new Advanced Seal Strips offers better adhesion to your teeth; and it’s formulated with enamel-safe whitening ingredients.