Molton Brown's Body Therapies Collection Soothe and Save

Molton Brown introduced its new line of body therapies treatments to solve specific head-to-toe skin problems we face today.

Their Nurture line strives to soothe stressed skin with polyphenols and tannins. The Desert Bloom Shower Cream makes use of African desert plant extract and linden extract to calm irritated skin. Because of its cream base, this body wash does not strip skin of moisture as so many others can.

From their Purify line comes the Ambrusca Body Tonic, which is paced with vitamins and minerals derivative of the ambrusca grape leaf to nourish and Moroccan argan tree extract to tighten the skin. According to dermatologist Dr. Debra Jaliman of New York City, “It is very beneficial to eat foods rich in anti-oxidants, however the application of vitamin products can also improve the texture of the skin.”

After a day of valiantly fighting gravity, the Unwind Line’s Island Pine Leg Soother tries to even the score by boosting circulation with island pine bark. The lotion smells amazing, and after massaging it onto my legs as directed, they did indeed feel better.

At the end of a long day, the Sleep line trots out the Cedrus Soothing Body Oil. The Cedrus oil helps relaxation, and it receives some aid by Bulgarian lavender and Florida orange oil, both of which promote sleep. Just a whiff of this oil started the calming process, and helped me drift off at night.

These products all serve a purpose, and they smell heavenly while doing it. By breaking these new products down into four specific groups, Molton Brown allows the consumer to pick and choose treatments for their own specific ailments.

These products retail for $34-$52 at