Customize Your Perfume with Sue Phillips of Scenterprises

Last week, hosted an event with Sue Phillips, President and Founder of the bespoke fragrance consulting company, Scenterprises, that started in 1992. The company, and Sue herself, have launched numerous fragrances including the creation of the 150th Anniversary bottle of the Tiffany fragrance.

The event was a journey of the olfactory spirit and an education in the various notes that go into the creation of a perfume. We started the evening by taking a quiz that led us to explore our own aesthetic sensibilities. I had to answer some of the questions truthfully and introspectively, as though I were taking a Myers Briggs Type Indicator. Do I like silk? Am I a Jackson Pollock or Monet type of person? Would I take Tuscany over Sicily? One I arrived at my “place,” I was ready to journey into the world of mossy greens, fragrant spices and floral tapestries.

When Sue talks, you feel as though you are listening to part poet, part magician. Her passion for the olfactory senses is so obvious and also highly contagious. Through the evening, I learned about citrusy, sage and spicy notes, smelled fresh amber, inhaled the mossy greens of forests and carved images of fresh green meadows. I learned about aldehydic fragrances (Chanel # 5 was the first of its kind), Oak Moss and hyacinth’s delicious, sharp sweetness.

At the end of the journey, I had explored and resounded with several notes and was able now to indentify fresh florals from heavy and light florals, and spicy from citrusy notes. Finally, we were inspired to create a fragrance by choosing notes of our own, which Scenterprises proceeded to blend and beautiful pour into a charming 20ml spray bottle.

At the end of the road, my notes included spicy, aldehydic, citrus and fresh floral blends. The combination is both sweet and tantalizing, powdery yet sexy. It’s just the way a good custom blended scent should smell, and it lingers for hours on the skin.

Scenterprises provides bespoke perfume consultation and creation for bridal parties and private events and corporations, as well as promotional alliances, licensing, marketing, product development, creative and strategic marketing as well as brand building. The blends come The Perfume Studio in the UK.

You can reach Sue at or call 917 449 1134.

– Charu Suri