How to Get Fuller Va Va Volume Hair

The fashion runway this fall has taken hair volume to new heights. And while you love how it looks, you’re not exactly sure you can replicate the look on your own head. I mean, calculating volume in geometry was hard enough…

Of course, it’s easy to rationalize that perhaps you were meant to lust from afar. I used to say such foolish things as well. But then I discovered my inner volume vixen (read: I found the right tools), and I’m about to intro you to yours as well.

Volume is possible on any day, but it’s far easier to achieve with a little grease to oil your engine. Come again? In other words, plan for volume on a day you haven’t washed your hair, or after a workout… or both. (Don’t believe me? Spray some Redken Body Full Weightlifter on your roots and flip your head upside down for a quick hear blast from your blowdryer.)

Step One

You’ll probably need a while the first time to achieve the look you want, so once you find a good chunk of quality mirror time, gather your tools:

* A hair claw or two (These are for holding your hair during the process, and after, should you want an updo.)

* A comb. I swear by the Spornette Little Wonder #111. It’s combo of tourmaline nylon and boar bristles give the best tease I’ve yet to encounter, but any other stiff-bristled brush should do the trick.

* Good hairspray. The Sebastian Professional Shaper brand has done me proud for years. If you have something else, just make sure it gives mega hold… without looking like shellac – it’s the only thing that’s worse than wind ruining your ‘do after 15 minutes of work.

* A normal paddle brush

* Bobby pins like your life depends on them

Step Two

Lift the top half of your hair from the bottom by sliding your thumbs from your temples to the back of your head. Twist the upper portion of hair towards your face, and secure with a claw. Then, lift an inch-thick section of hair along the back of your head, and tease near the roots from the top and bottom side. Don’t worry if it looks fuzzy – when you’re done, no one will see.

Step Three

Once finished, undo your hair claw, and release the next layer of hair. Repeat until the entire crown of your head is teased, but make sure you have at least an inch or two of un-teased hair framing your face. (Tip: make your hair more voluminous than you think you want it; you can always brush it down later.)

Step Four

Use your bristle comb to lightly smooth the teased hair away from your face. Do the same with the paddle brush, manipulating the un-teased hair over your crown for sleek smoothness. Should you want your hair to stay down, now is when you use the hair spray. Should you want it up, wield your claws and bobby pins to secure. (Your mantra here is try, try again. Practice makes perfect, and it’s always the hardest the first time!)

Step Five

Hairspray! Lock your look in place, spraying lightly at first. Break to run your fingers over your hair to smooth any stray hairs, and then lightly spray again.

Voila, volume!

Caitlin Garthoffner