DDF "Protect and Correct" Moisturizer is Pure Genius

This is – by far – my most favorite moisturizer I’ve tried in a loooooong time. As a lassie with Indian ski, I’m prone to hyperpigmentation (eesh…I hate that word!). Lasers, peels, mojitos…you name it, they haven’t really done the job.

But the “Protect and Correct” moisturizer from DDF does exactly that. It corrects those pesky spots, and protects you from UV Rays (SPF 15). It has a potent Micro-Radiance Complex that evens skin tone just as well as any fractal laser I’ve tried.

The texture of the moisturizer is as thick as paste. There’s no goopiness, and your skin doesn’t feel like a parched creature in the Atacama Desert. In three days, my acne scars and discolorations started to vanish like the ozone layer.

I would buy this product faster than Dorothy could tap her ruby red heels. $58 for 1.7 fl. Oz. at www.ddfskincare.com