Denise Richards Loves Fake Bake

Yes, she’s glad that Dancing with the Stars is over, but Denise Richards‘ affair with Fake Bake will probably last longer than her marriage to bad boy Charlie Sheen.

Now, she’s focusing on the second season of her show that will premiere soon. But a Fake Bake mobile pro will continue to come to her home each week (ok Denise, we get it…you love being tan).

The Fake Bake line promises:
* No dyes so there are no streaks, dark spots, or orange color
* Built-in color guide designed for easy, goof-proof application
* Water soluble so can not stain clothing
* Reacts with the skin’s natural proteins in the deepest layers of the skin for the most intense and natural tan
* Personalized to various skin tones
* Produces the longest lasting tan compared to any other tanning product
* Dramatically softens skin
* Contains anti-cellulite ingredients, anti-oxidants, and anti-aging ingredients such as peptides, all of which have never before been utilized into self-tanning products
* Now organically-based and paraben free

Fake Bake® products (lotions, airbrush in a can, gel, mousse, bronzers, lip glosses, Sunless & Skinny, Skinny Solution, and more) can be found in salons, spas, and even dermatology offices and schools around the country. All products are also available online at

Hey, you don’t need the sun to get tan, right?