La Prairie Adds Cellular Serum Platinum Rare to Platinum Collection

(Photo Credit:WWD, March 27th 2009)

La Prairie obviously does not believe in the Recession. It adds the Cellular Serum Platinum Rare to its existing Platinum Collection, and the serum debuts in April.

Of course, it ain’t cheap: $650 for 1 oz (the 1.7 oz moisturizer was priced at $1,000).The serum does everything that the cream does, but also contributes to the skin’s brightening and tightening.

According to the article from WWD, the serum’s key ingredients include colloidal platinum, said to help maintain the skin’s electrical balance; a sugar polymer which is said to create a mesh on the skin’s surface for immediate firming and line smoothing; Hesperidin Smart Crystals, a proprietary submicron delivery system, said to deliver hesperidin, an antioxidant, to protect the skin’s DNA mechanism in its cellular nucleus; resveratrol and malachite for their antioxidant properties, and watercress extract, vitamin B3 and Kombucha mushroom extract to increase skin brightness. As well, the product contains the brand’s proprietary Cellular Complex, a cocktail of ingredients said to help stimulate the skin’s natural repair process and energize skin.

The serum will be available at the usual suspects: Nordstrom, Bloomingales etc. in April, 2009.