Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

The unique, Luna Anti-Aging And Facial-Cleansing System ($199.00) has a dual function: anti-aging and cleansing all in one. According to the literature provided by Foreo, using the Luna System for two minutes both morning and night will:

“Activate your skin’s natural potential… by applying pulsations that have been shown to improve blood flow by up to 450%, the Luna System delivers sophisticated facial care that revitalizes skin and melts away the signs of aging.”

Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

What’s the secret here? Silicone! This versatile material has formed the basis of countless modern advances, from groundbreaking medical technology to cutting-edge electronics; Foreo is the first company to apply the unique properties of silicone to a sophisticated anti-aging and cleansing device.

First, there is the non-abrasive silicone brush. With its rounded rip, the brush channels “pulsations more gently and effectively than the bristles of a fibrous brush, and are molded in specific alignments to cater to different skin types.

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Without any abrasive twisting and pulling that may damage the long-term condition of your skin, the Luna soft silicone brush provides a gentler and deeper clean, lifting away impurities and removing dead skin cells to allow your skin to breathe.”

Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

There are two sides to the device: The rounded, Anti-Aging Mode “channels pulsations through a curved surface of concentric ridges to relax the face’s muscle-tension points, smoothing the skin and helping to prevent dynamic wrinkles and expression lines.

The low-frequency pulsations provide a focused boost for blood micro-circulation in wrinkle-prone areas, nourishing with oxygen and nutrients, increasing cell renewal and supporting the production of collagen and elastin to restore the skin’s firmness and elasticity.”

The Anti-Aging Mode works by gently directing low-frequency pulsations beneath the skin’s surface — relaxing facial muscles and promoting cell renewal — leaving skin “smooth, luminous and naturally youthful.”

Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

The other side provides T-Sonic Cleansing, which refers to, “transdermal sonic pulses that stimulate blood micro-circulation throughout the skin, lessening puffiness and dark circles while promoting the complexion’s natural glow.”

Using up to 8,000 pulsations per minute in Cleansing Mode, the Luna device refines the skin’s texture as it cleanses and flushes away toxins.

“Unclogging and reducing the appearance of pores, T-Sonic pulsations enable the rounded silicone touch points to lift away impurities and dead skin cells for clearer, smoother and softer skin.”

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As if all that weren’t enough, the Luna System is intuitive, travel-friendly and water-proof. As you adjust the intensity of each mode for comfort with a simple +/– interface, the Luna’s memory function remembers your preferences for the next use.

With lockable controls and a compact, integrated battery that lasts for up to 450 full routines before needing to be recharged, the device is great for popping in your suitcase. And thanks to its sealed charging port, the Luna is fully water-proof for use in the bath or shower. Finally, there is a 2-year warranty and 10-year quality guarantee.

Device Review: Foreo Luna Anti-Aging Facial-Cleansing System: Prevents Wrinkles

There are three Luna Systems to choose from according to your skin type:

— Ultra-Sensitive Skin: The wave formation of closely packed, smooth silicone ridges is designed to minimize abrasion for the most sensitive skin, offering cleansing that’s highly effective at transferring T-Sonic pulsations, yet extra-gentle at the same time.

— Sensitive/Normal Skin: This brush surface features thinner touch points for gentle cleansing, with an area of thicker touch points grouped towards the top of the device. This allows for deeper, precision cleansing of areas around the nose, ears and hairline.

— Combination Skin: Up to 80% of this brush surface is covered with thinner touch points for gentle cleansing, with two additional waves of thicker touch points for the stronger cleansing of oily patches. Targeted cleansing around the nose, ears and hairline is aided by the thicker touch points at the top of the device.

I was given the Sensitive/Normal Luna System to try. First I used the Cleansing Mode while in the shower, and then I followed up with the Anti-Aging Mode when I emerged and dried my face.

I have to say that I flat-out love this system! The Cleansing Mode made my face feel like that of a newborn babe, and the Anti-Aging Mode gave me the most sophisticated and subtle massage.

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My skin looked clean, glowing and toned afterwards. And I felt so relaxed — like I had been to a spa or splurged on an expensive facial. The Luna System is not cheap, but if used on a regular basis, it really becomes very affordable and worth the price. You may never schedule another facial again! For more info, go to:

Do any of you lovely ladies use a facial cleansing device? What do you think of the Luna System?

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– Yona McDonough

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