Makeup Review, Swatches: Susan Posnick ColorMe Mineral Color Powder - For Face And Eyes

Makeup Review, Swatches: Susan Posnick ColorMe Mineral Color Powder - For Face And Eyes

I have been told many times — by many different people — that a woman without color on her cheeks lacks pizzazz. Well, I’d be lying if I told you that I believed that… I don’t think it has anything to do with color on your cheeks, but I do LOVE blush.

Blush adds a little flush of color to your cheeks. I especially love when a blush has a multi-use function, like being able to apply it as an eyeshadow.

Makeup Review, Swatches: Susan Posnick ColorMe Mineral Color Powder - For Face And Eyes

Susan Posnick has done it again with another awesome product: ColorMe Lush Color and Convenience Mineral Color ($32.00) is an easy-to-apply face color that can be used on the cheeks, eyes and anywhere you desire to have a healthy flush of color.

This awesome little product is convenience in a bottle, because it comes ready-to-use and is travel-friendly. It sports a petite self-dispensing pot with an attached puff and mirror for an easy, on-the-go application.

Makeup Review, Swatches: Susan Posnick ColorMe Mineral Color Powder - For Face And Eyes

The COLORME collection offers pure mineral colors in 7 absolutely gorgeous shades that are flattering on a wide range of skintones. I sampled Scarlett, which is a rosy-burgundy shade with pink/silver shimmer in it. Other colors include: Carnelia, Lily, Ginger, Lotus Sun, Orchid and Peony. There are benefits with using this product as well! It is enriched with vitamins A & E, is sweat-proof, water resistant and anti-bacterial.

My Thoughts After Using This Product

I have been using COLORME for a month and have definitely noticed its long-wear formula. Living in Hawaii lends for hot and humid conditions, and while there was a bit of fading of the product while on my cheeks, for the most part it did stay in place.

At the end of the day the color was still visible on my cheeks. When testing it on my eyes I used it over my Too Faced Shadow Insurance ($20.00), and the color did not budge: it stayed vibrant for a minimum of 6-hours. Even during hot temperatures, I was very impressed by its quality and lasting power.

Makeup Review, Swatches: Susan Posnick ColorMe Mineral Color Powder - For Face And Eyes

However, I do have to make a note about using this particular product on the eyes… I rarely use red shadows on my eyes because it makes me look very tired. This shadow (Scarlett) did lend for the same effect, so I would definitely suggest the other colors in the collection if you have that same problem with red eyeshadows as I do.

The other colors include neutrals and a pretty pink (Peony), so you do have a selection to choose from. Another Note: It does have little shimmers and glitters in the actual blush/eyeshadow. It did not affect my eyes at all, which is a plus because I use contacts and also have sensitive eyes when it comes to glittery products.

The glitter does flake/fall off after a while and sometimes after application. While that is not necessarily a bad thing, if you are looking to use the glitter in the product to help with highlighting your cheek bones, the glitter unfortunately may not stay in place.

My Thoughts On Application

The application was VERY simple. I simply tapped the color out of the container with the puff upside down and over a napkin. I tapped until the product started to show on the little puff attached to the container. I swept the puff onto my cheeks in small strokes until I got the desired color.

Since it is a loose powder blush, you can easily build the color to the amount you want, or do a soft sweep of color on your cheeks for a flushed look without it being too heavy. You would do the same steps if applying as an eyeshadow.

I found that once I tapped it or shook it a little the first time, there was no need to continue doing so once the product was on the puff, as it would dispense easily thereafter.

The Packaging:

Cute, compact and very travel-friendly. Definitely all positives when it comes to the packaging. I enjoyed using it but did however find that cleaning it was not very ideal or easy. I tried wiping down the puff to clean it, but noticed that some of the product got stuck after doing so — the product had gotten wet.

After a few attempts, I decided I just couldn’t clean it properly. As a germ freak, that really freaked me out (and drives me nuts!) that I cannot clean the applicator properly. So, since I am unable to clean it, I will need to use my brushes to apply this blush/eyeshadow. I really did (and still do) love the applicator… I just wish there was a way to clean that puff so you can use it over and over again.

What do you lovely ladies think of this mineral-based blush? Is there anything you would change about one of your favorite products?

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– Honey Kahoohanohano

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