Disney's "Tangled": Pantene's "Beautiful Lengths Program"

What would you do with 70 feet of hair?

I, for one, would sit on it. I’ve always wanted hair long enough to do that, but alas, the split ends overtake me before I get anywhere close.

But who really cares about me… especially when, according to Disney and Pantene, I could use all that hair to help a lot of people.


Pantene’s Beautiful Lengths campaign has been giving new meaning to hair care since 2006 – making real-hair wigs for women who have lost their own locks from cancer treatment. So when Disney announced its 50th full-length animated feature – “Tangled,” scheduled to be the mane attraction on screens nationwide on November 24, – a collaboration with Pantene made perfect sense. So far, Pantene has supplied over 220,000 ponytails since the organization launched. With Disney, they hope to collect two million inches of hair by the end of 2010.


“Pantene is a brand that celebrates strong, healthy, beautiful hair, so working with Disney on ‘Tangled,’ a film featuring an empowered, iconic character that’s known for her long and strong tresses, was a natural choice for us,” says Julie Marchant-Houle, Pantene’s North American Marketing Director.

Here’s where you come in. The average person grows 138 feet of hair per day (yes, we’re serious – this factors in the growth of all 100,000 strands on a person’s head). So why not donate yours so that those struggling with cancer can feel as beautiful as you do? 70 feet is not required, just 8 inches!

Don’t have hair long enough to donate yet? There’s no reason to “tress.” On average, your hair will grow ½-1 inch every month. Click here to see A-list celebrity stylist Danilo’s tips for how to grow your hair out, and how to best care for it once it’s luscious and long. He even endorses a line specifically tailored to help your hair grow, grow, grow.

Caitlin Garthoffner

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