Do You Really Need a Dermatologist? On Derm TV, BeautyRx and Dr. Neal Schultz

As a beauty writer, I’ve come across more than a fair crop of skincare products in my lifetime. Some promise instant gratification, some promise hydration and anti-aging benefits, and yet others offer true value. If you’ve been in the industry, or even if you’re serious about skincare, you’ve likely read dozens of labels and ingredients in search of the skincare Holy Grail.

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So, with all our knowledge, apps, Sephora and magazines, do we really need a dermatologist? I mean, can’t we really figure out this skincare business on our own? It’s as easy as reading labels, right?

Well, yes and no. The truth is, there are several magazines out there, each giving their “Best of Beauty” stamp of approval. There are too many products on the shelves of Sephora that ALL promise miraculous anti-aging benefits. Unless you try and test them all yourself, how will you know which product is best for you?

I had the good fortune to meet Dr. Neal Schultz, creator of and his own specific line of skincare products, BeautyRx. Each product is carefully labelled and numbered (you apply the products in numeric ascending order) and carefully created with potent and effective ingredients. If I had had an iota of a doubt whether I needed a dermatologist in my life, all was quelled when I watched the episodes on my computer.

Neil Schultz Daily Exfoliating Serum

Beauty RX Daily Exfoliating Therapy Serum

In an engaging, friendly voice, Dr. Schultz discusses subjects like “acne and antibiotics” and “mineral makeup” all in scientific detail, and makes you truly understand what the underlying problem and its precise solution is. Honestly, being something of a geek about beauty and skincare, I appreciate these videos more than anything I’ve seen or read. Dr. Schultz also uses no filler words. If you have questions, you’re encouraged to email Dr. Schultz directly. Which dermatologist does this?

Neil Schultz

When I visited his office last week to get a glycolic peel, I had a pleasant experience and an efficient, painless visit. The peel tingled and I wanted to get it all off in a minute or so, but I withstood my discomfort only to be met with a fresh, glowing complexion. After applying some SPF, I was on my way with a bottle of Daily Exfoliating Therapy Serum, instructed to apply not more than three drops over the entire face nightly. And almost overnight, the texture of my skin improved, my hyper pigmentation was noticeably less, and my skin looked as though I had received a proper eight hours of sleep.

The Millennial generation is all about the “me” experience and dispensing away with pundits, but when it comes to your skin, there’s no one who does it better than a derm. Get thee to an office, now.

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Are you a fan of dermatologists? Have they changed your skin?

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