Embryolisse: Stop the Clock

Do you ever wish you were 18 again? While we may not have fond memories of standardized tests or tacky prom dresses, we will spend countless dollars trying to regain our youthful looks. Embryolisse, started by a doctor in the 1950s, may not be new to the anti-aging game, but with their line of effective and reasonably priced products, they do stand out in the industry. The line, which is comprised of 16 toners, moisturizers, firming creams, and makeup removers, uses ingredients including collagen, hyaluronic acid, shea butter, and orange extract to leave skin feeling soft and supple and looking refreshed. In addition, the formulas help protect against skin-aging free radicals. These pieces might not have people mistaking you for Miley Cyrus on the street, but they will have them wondering how you got such enviable skin.

Embryolisse Creme de Soin Exfoliante

Exfoliating Creme

While all of the lotions and potions in the line are swoon-worthy, the following pieces are the stars of the show:

Crème De Soin Exfoliante (Exfoliating Cream): This exfoliating cream really gets the job done. Its micro-beads are tiny but tough and left my skin feeling soft and clean.

Embryolisse Flower Essence Toner

Flower Essence Toner

Rosamélis Lotion Démaquillante Sans Alcool (Flower Essence Toner): With all of the greasy makeup removers out there, I was skeptical that this alcohol-free liquid toner would be strong enough to remove my heavy-duty makeup, but this wonder potion did the job like a champ. Another perk? The light, floral scent of this toner is so delicious, I was tempted to trade in my perfume and dab this behind my ears instead.

Embryolisse Moisturizing Cream with Orange Extract

Moisturizing Cream with Orange Extract

Crème Hydratante A L’Extrait D’Orange (Moisturizing Cream With Orange Extract): This cream doesn’t just moisturize, it changes the feeling of skin entirely. My skin, which was feeling rather rough and flaky from one too many late nights, felt as smooth as a baby’s bottom once this cream had sunk in. The results are so dramatic, I’m still touching my face in disbelief.

The products range from about $15 – $65, and you can find a retailer by visiting the company’s site at www.embryolisseusa.com