Lierac Diopti Lisse Eye Cream

Lierac Diopti Lisse

Lierac has recently blessed us stateside with its presence in our drugstores, but the French aren’t through impressing us yet. The line of anti-aging skin care products that developed a cult following across the pond has brought forth a new series of eye products. The Diopti line has gels and crèmes for every malady of the delicate skin around our peepers, but their Diopti Lisse Lifting Gel ($34 at Duane Reade and CVS in September) left me particularly impressed and wanting to share the good news. This gel contains linden extract and aqua-lifting moisturizing agents to plump up those teeny, tiny fine lines around my eyes (you know, the ones I pretend don’t exist.) The complex itself boasts not only plumping ability, but light-refracting pigments that diminish dark under-eye circles. After smoothing the gel on, my wide-eyed and perky reflection cheerfully greeted me in the mirror. It made my daily concealer habit seem unnecessary. When I did choose to go for a little more coverage, the gel acted as a make-up fixing base to hold my cover-up down tight. I feel like I’m carrying around a little tube of liquid gold. Multi-tasking, eye-brightening gold: It’s a beautiful thing.

The Diopti eye line has four other creams: DioptiGel (anti-puffiness), DioptiCreme (anti-wrinkle), DioptiCerne (Concealer for Dark Circles), DioptiLisse (Lifting), DioptiCalm (anti-fatigue).