Fall's Easiest Haircare Trend: Ponytail Mania, Hairstyle

From accessible chic to ultra sophisticated, fashionistas nationwide are pony-ing up this fall with every girl’s best friend: the ponytail.

There’s nothing not to love about this mane preference. It’s fast; it stays in place; and it works on day one, two or even three (eek) after a wash. This season in particular, celeb sightings are full of the easy, breezy up ‘do. Sure, low ponies have their appeal, but Fall 2010 is all about towering heights. Check out these pics:

From Gossip Girl glam (Blake Lively)…

To Jenny from the Block.

From fashion author icon Lauren Conrad,

And Hollywood sweetheart Gwyneth Paltrow…

Each one is bright eyed and ponytailed. And do you blame them?!

Here at Beauty Stat, we believe beauty should shared, so after hours of product sampling (we know you feel sorry for us), we’ve selected our very fave: göt2b ultra glued.

Self-described as “no joke,” this non-sticky, no flake formula caters some crazy hold for any number of hairstyles. In this case, you know what we’re recommending. Simply style your pony, and secure with an elastic or two. Then, apply a little to your palms, and smooth over the surface of your hair. Voila! Insta-hold for the entire day.

In the pic right above, you can see the results of doing what I just described. For bonus points, take a small section of hair from the bottom of your ponytail, and wrap it around your elastics. Secure with bobby pins, and brush a finger (lightly coated with göt2b ultra glued) over stray hairs. You can even accessorize with a headband if you want, like so.

You’ve hit the ponytail on the head. And to fancy up the ponytail, why not braid it a la Lively? It’s not just for schoolgirls anymore.

Caitlin Garthoffner

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