Frizz-Free Armor: Avon Lotus Shield

When I first looked at the slim, 5-inch high brightly-shaded bottle of Avon’s Lotus Shield that promised frizz-free locks even in the face of great humidity, I was skeptical.

So many products claiming magical, frizz-free effects come across my proverbial desk, and a lot of them fall flat (unlike my frizz). The Lotus shield is essentially a serum that is as fragrant as Glade, with hardly a shred of greasiness or tackiness to it. Best of all, it doubles as a leave-in conditioner.

The Lotus Shield’s name is misleading: while the product is inspired by the natural protective barrier of the lotus leaf which has a very high water repellency (you may have seen fat, glistening water droplets on one of these waxy leaves), the product itself does not contain any lotus leaf extract. Instead, the Lotus Shield uses a water-resistant technology that enables moisture to pool in droplets against the surface of the hair.

So, on a particularly humid day when the air is practically saturated with moisture, and when frizz is prone to form, a healthy dose of the Lotus Shield should theoretically repel the bad boys.

I wanted to put that claim to the test.

Putting the Fanta-colored bottle to the test, I worked a tiny amount of serum onto my damp strands, and then subjected my hair to a healthy dose of the blow dryer.

And then my jaw dropped when I saw the magazine-worthy results of the Lotus Shield. Flat, pristine hair that looked freshly ironed, almost wig worthy, with not a kink or curl in it. In short, frizz-free goodness.

I’ve used creams, gels and oils on damp strands for several months now with the vain hope of achieving Frieda Pinto-esque hair, but I’ve not seen such keratin-like results as those from the Lotus Shield (and this treatment is safe, girls, so you can apply it without a worry).

Avon claims that 3-4 uses will lend your locks to hold up to humidity as high as 97% which means you can travel to the Arctic or the Amazon Rain Forest without worries.

Your locks certainly need — and deserve – this outer armor. Best of all, it’s priced at a mere $9.99, you’ll be compelled to stock up on this stuff like a true hoarder.

Charu Suri

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