Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011 Hairstyle Trends: Romantic Bed Hair Reigns at Rebecca Minkoff

Hair stylist: Ouidad

ouidad Fashion Week Winter 2011

Theme: The “day after,” romantic bed hair. To create a soft, day after look for her models’ hair, Rebecca Minkoff called upon Ouidad, the preeminent curl expert. Ouidad used her curl expertise to soften both curly and straight hair alike behind the scenes.
“Being the curl experts, we are bringing texture into the show. The whole theme of the show is the day after and it’s so important for us to have that beautiful, romantic, next day bed hair,” she said.
To create the look, Ouidad started out by using her own PlayCurl Volumizing Foam, and combined products from her Climate Control line and a styling mist to both set the hair and keep the look very soft.
“What we’re doing with the hair, is we’re able to bring this into the next generation. You’re going to see a lot of that in the fall,” she said. “You’re going to see texture is key, whether it’s soft, whether it’s tight, texture is all about sensuality, that’s what’s so fabulous about this.”

Chrissy Callahan

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