(Giveaway): The Valentine's Day Romantic Flick/ Fragrance Gift Guide

Valentines Day and movies go hand in hand: think the cliched romantic night at theatre, holding hands, sharing a buttered popcorn…hey, it’s cheesy, but cheesy is great too, right?
With that thought, why not channel your favorite romantic movie heroine with a scent that mirrors her mysterious , charming, flirty or fun ways.

the notebook poster CHANEL_No5_

The leads in The Notebook are a passionate pair who are star crossed at first. We soon learn of their lifelong love and devotion to each other and sit through one the of best movie kiss scenes ever. If your love has stood the test of time and is still going strong, it has to be Chanel No 5. Since its release in 1921, it continues to be a timeless perfume of class, longevity and sensuality.

gone with the wind poster Viktor and Rolf Valentines set

Are you a Scarlett? Scarlett O’Hara from Gone With The Wind that is. A strong willed southern belle who learns how just how much mettle she under those hoop skirts and charms all the boys? Then you might be Viktor and Rolf’s Flowerbomb. Full of life, unafraid and daring, but with a soft side that loves this sweet floral with it’s hit of brazen patchouli.
jo malone red roses group
Pride & Prejudice
: one of the all time most romantic books, as well as movies, both on TV and theatres. Bring out your inner English rose with Red Roses by Jo Malone. Now in a new ultra hydrating, super creamy Body Cream. You’ll have touchable soft skin and smell like, yes, a rose. One your very own Mr. Darcy won’t be able to resist (large manor house and Colin Firth swimming in a lake not included.)

Tocca candle

Dirty Dancing:Good girl, slightly bad boy with a good heart. Summer romance. If no one puts you in corner – then you need to burn Tocca’s Havana candle. The sweet /spicy mix of sugarcane and rum will surely bring a little rhythm and rumba into your days and nights and inspire you to take out your dancing shoes and get your beau twisting the night away.

Lady and The Tramp: Maybe you’re uptown and he’s downtown like the two leads in our canine romance? Then you need the new candle duo from Diptyque, Roseros, with it’s emphasis on Eros, god love of love. This duo contains a masculine and a feminine candle, to be burned separately or together. Whimsical art by the team of Kuntzel + Deygas on the jars provide pink and red accents along with scents of garden rose and blackcurrant for the ladies and spicy rose and myrrh, cedar and sandalwood for the men . Like La Bella Notte and one long spaghetti strand from the film, Diptyque says the two fragrances intertwine to create a new melody.

nottinghill poster

Notting Hill: A pair of charming lovers from vastly different worlds and each with very good hair. Have you crossed cultures to find your love or has he left his own world to enter yours with arms wide open? Are you a romantic who finds a way? Perhaps Lancôme Tresor is your scent. You no doubt treasure your love and what you went through to be together and this fragrance of rose, iris , musks and vanilla will channel that devotion each other.

As a tribute to ladies for Valentine’s Day, we are giving away one HOT Tocca Candle in “Havana.” Leave a comment below telling us if you have any plans for Feb 14th to be considered. Happy V-Day!

– Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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