Father's Day Gift Guide, Part 1

He taught you how to ride a bike, change a tire, or in my case, hem a skirt.

That’s right; June 21st approaches us, and I speak of our fathers. Specifically, I refer to all the useful things we’ve learned from them. Don’t you think we, the daughters, have a few little pearls of wisdom we can pass on up to our old men? Given the nature of this blog, I think we can help them take better care of their skin, hair, and face, among other things, and all without emptying our rather slender purses. It will in no way make up for everything they have given us, but at least we can try.

The Body Shop Men\'s Essentials

If your dad falls into the category of ‘unfussy,’ consider The Body Shop Men’s Essentials Kit. It contains four different maca root products: a face wash, a shaving cream, a razor relief, and a face protector with spf 15. This line has a light scent that even the manliest of fathers cannot object to. Everything your dad needs comes in a small, convenient, $30 bag (go to www.thebodyshop.com to order or find locations.) What could be better?

Aveda Damage Ready Hair Masque

If your paterfamilias still has hair (the handsome devil,) spoil him with Aveda Damage Remedy Hair Masque ($26 at aveda.com.) His hair may already be perfect, but chances are, he secretly worries that it’s not. A gentlemen I know ‘borrowed’ this product from a female relative of his and confessed without shame that his hair glowed for a week after using it. This formula hits dry hair hard with a mixture of three oils (caster, jojoba, and meadow foam seed) plus barley and quinoa protein. Go ahead and give him a reason to gloat.

But, let’s not exclude the men on the other side of the spectrum. Should your father’s head lack the protection of hair, put together your own gift set with Neutrogena Ultra Sheer Dry Touch Sun Block 100+ SPF and Banana Boat Soothing After Sun Aloe Gel.

Banana Boat Soothing Aloe After Sun Gel

Neutrogena has always led the pack when it comes to reliable, non-greasy sunblock. And I must I must note the 100+ SPF makes the product seem rather manly. At the very least, it should trigger memories of the hilarious Budweiser Real Men of Genius commercials. (Here’s to YOU, Mr. 800 SPF Sunblock Wearer . . . ) The Banana Boat Aloe has healed nasty sunburns in my pasty white family since time immemorial; I can’t imagine a summer with out it. It may not be the fanciest gift out there, but a practical daddy will appreciate it, and you’ll sleep a little better knowing you helped keep him healthy.

Vedadude Cleanser

For the eco-conscious father, vedaDUDE has developed a whole line of men’s skin care. I especially love the ability to pronounce everything in the ingredient list. Green tea, grape seed, vitamin A, and honey take top billing in their facial cleanser, while coconut, jojoba, and aloe leaf work to hydrate skin in their moisturizing lotion (both $20 at vedababy.com.) The light, herbal scent refreshes the sense of smell and leaves the user feeling confident about the purity of the product they’re just used.

Your father does not need you to go bankrupt as you show him your appreciation; just put a little thought into what you get him. Chances are, he won’t know he needed a skin or hair care product until you get it for him. Go on and make his life a little better. He would do it for you.