Father's Day Gift Guide, Part 2

You haven’t bought a Father’s Day present yet. That’s fine; I’m not here to judge. You might have noticed that this article appears somewhat close to the big day since, I, too, am a skilled proscrastinater. As such, I have a few more suggestions about how to put a smile on your Big D’s face this Sunday.

If you want to take the classic route and present Dad with cologne, mix it up with Curve Chill for Men by Liz Claiborne ($25 at fragrancex.com.) The scent combines traditional bottom notes of woods and musk with fresh and unexpected touches of white pepper and green tea, topping it all off with citrus and bergamot. It comes off as clean and appealing without venturing into heavy “open all the windows and smile politely” territory. Everyone wants to smell good, and your father is no exception.

For the reluctant early risers out there, keep the citrus coming with Lush’s Up You Gets! Emotibomb ($3.95 at lush.com.) Have your dad toss this little disk into the shower so the warm water hits it so it releases lime, lemon, and grapefruit scent molecules to perk him up before facing the daily grind. This thoughtful innovation bolsters will power by giving the A.M.-challenged individual (in this case, your pappy) a cheerful morning treat.

Minimize your father’s hygiene routine with a doubly effective product like Jack Black’s (and no, it’s not that Jack Black) Pure Clean Daily Facial Cleanser with Aloe and Sage Leaf ($18 at getjackblack.com.) This cleanser and toner combo cleans gently with an understated herbal scent, and it has none of those undesirable parabens and sulfates. Since it does the work of two products, your father will have to spend less time in front of the mirror, and more with you.

So go ahead and spring for express shipping, and don’t forget to deliver your gifts of delicious scents and glowing skin with a hug, smile, and a special one-day cease-fire with your siblings. Anything to make your dear old dad happy.