Finesse ReVitality Shampoo & Conditioner: Fatten Your Strands

I have gotten more compliments on my hair the last several days, I can’t even tell you. Shine? Check. Bounce? Uh-huh. Volume? Fragrance? Shape that lasts a whole day? Triple YES!! Really, it’s crazy. And those are only the details you can see and smell.

So spill already! Fine, I will.

Any good hair day must start with a good shampoo, and if you’re lucky, the conditioner isn’t half bad either. Time to celebrate, ladies, because I’ve been using the Finesse ReVitality “Volumize & Correct” Shampoo and Conditioner duo these last few days, and both show dramatic results after just one use… just like the bottles say.

Why so wonderful, you ask? Well, apparently, only two out of every 10 women over the age of 35 consider themselves to have “healthy hair.” Hello, tragedy. Finesse thought so, too… And so they borrowed all they know about effective anti-aging skin care and launched a (non-receding) hair line. Products are chock full of collagen, CoQ10 and antioxidants, and are meant to plump, repair and protect. Says Randy Sloan, CEO of Lornamead Inc., “Our formula takes the best of what’s been learned in skin care and now applies it to hair care to satisfy a beauty need of older women.”

No offense, Randy, but I can think up a much better marketing strategy. It goes something like this:

Dear women (and men) of all ages, use these products, and bid tresses that are coarse, brittle, dry and/or thinning begone! Available for purchase nationwide at drug, food and mass merchandisers.

Rave, rave. Okay, onto the next.

A week ago, I got an Earthly Body sampler kit – mostly because it included the Skinny Dip 3-in-1 Candle that doubles (or should I say triples?) as a massage oil and daily moisturizer. I mean, it even comes with a spoon! But I digress…

Needless to say, it was love at first sample with the Marrakesh Oil. Reasons:

1. It’s environmentally friendly.

2. It shines. It conditions. It protects.

3. Did I mention it straightens like nothing I’ve ever used?

Seriously, my hair – which is normally quite wavy – has been stick straight all day. No weird kinks, no flatness. Just buoyant, luscious, straight locks.

It seems Earthly Body makes more than just one kick-ass 3-in-1.

Caitlin Garthoffner