The Body Shop Launches Deo-Dry Deodorant with Cheryl Burke

You’ve got to trust a dancer when she talks about her deodorant. Cheryl Burke from Dancing with the Stars uses the Body Shop’s new DeoDry Dry-Effect Deodorant to banish white marks while stunning America with her talent.

On a more modest level, when cuddling with the actor playing my beau in a low-budget play, I use it to keep from getting white streaks on the best tuxedo no money can buy.

The new DeoDry formula replaces aluminum salts with volcanic ash to absorb wetness and essential oils to produce three different scents: Chilled & Breezy, Cool & Zesty, and Fresh & Floral. Because it’s the Body Shop, you can keep fresh knowing that no animals were harmed to make these products, and both the stick and roll-on versions of the deodorant can be refilled at any Body Shop store to reduce packaging material.

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Katharine McKenzie