Flawless Fall Skin in Four Easy Steps - How To Reduce Skin Hyperpigmentation And Discoloration

Driven by a history of skin sensitivities, frustrating experiences with every cosmetic, pharmaceutical and so called “natural” product, sheer determination and a clear vision, Suki Kramer decided it was time to take matters into her own hands and fill an industry void. She knew that because she was looking for a line of products that were clean, sensual and truly effective, other consumers would be as well. After years of experimentation, self-directed and collaborative study with cosmetic chemists and traditional herbalists, her innovative vision of what she calls “evolutionary skin care science” came to life. Each product is formulated and packaged responsibly with a nod to the fact that one can be “green” without sacrificing sensuality and effectiveness. Follow Suki’s blog, www.sukiscoop.com for more tips and tricks.

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After spending the summer outdoors and exposed to UV rays, fall offers time for much needed recovery from those sunburns and the harsh environmental damage that causes signs of premature aging – inducing fine lines, wrinkles and hyperpigmentation.

Research shows that extended sun exposure manipulates natural skin cell function and is one of the largest contributors to signs of premature aging. The majority of dermatologists agree that dry skin is related to wrinkle formation and according to a study by a third party market research company, hyperpigmentation is a major concern for more than one third of women in the United States.

So, how is a woman supposed to care for her skin in the fall?

1. Switch up Your Cleanser: skin is often left dry, dull and damaged post-sun exposure. Steer clear of harsh, drying ingredients like alcohol or other abrasive soaps which will only dry skin out further. Instead, choose a gentle, nourishing cleansing milk to effectively deliver essential hydration and not over-strip skin of necessary oils.

2. Tone to Prep: to refresh skin and get it primed for maximum moisture intake, toners are an excellent way to ensure proper delivery of vital nutrients. An added bonus? Toners are often rich in antioxidants, which bumps up their restorative benefits even more (we love suki’s Concentrated Nourishing Toner, fortified with a high dose of protective antioxidants and contains white willow bark, a superior anti-inflammatory ingredient).

3. Slather on Serum: sun abused skin is fragile and requires extra restorative measures to soothe and protect it from any further damage. This will not only ensure skin’s natural cell progression, but also minimize the dangers of further damage.

4. Moisturize Morning & Night: as the weather gets cooler, humidity levels in the air drop, leaving already summer-damaged skin unprotected in the elements and thirsty for more moisture. In the morning, use a breathable, lightweight moisturizer before makeup application. Since skin’s absorption rate is better when we are at rest, apply a thicker moisturizer before bed.

Do you have fall skincare tips to add? Leave a comment below and share yours!

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