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Looking around at all of these beautifully polished looking women made me question what being in your 50’s really meant? I am in my early 40’s yet with all of the wonderful products on the market, healthier lifestyles and genetics of course…who can tell what age you are anymore? is a site for women who have questions about their generation and how to adapt to anything that comes their way. It acts as a Lifestyle site for the Boomers and offers advice on anything and everything one can think of.

Geri Brin, Founder of FOF, was gracious enough to give me her fab5 by letting me know how this wonderful group came to be. Geri saw that there was a lack of events for the boomers and began asking fellow friends to join her in promoting products that targeted her age group. The event was held at the Metropolitan Pavilion over a two day period (10/1-10/2) and it was the first for It was created so FOFs (and even FUFs) could gather with the smartest, savviest and strongest players in the beauty business to offer first hand advice.

As I walked by the booths of so many familiar names such as Laura Geller, Paula Dorf, Sandy Linter, Sue Devitt among others I saw that I could get up close and personal with these people and really appreciated the availability of the staff at each booth. TV celebs such as Cynthia Rowland, creator of “Facial Magic” had a full face mask and her ever popular “Luscious Lips” was a real show stopper. Cynthia demonstrated how both her face mask and luscious lips products worked…and they really did take away fine lines and certainly plumped the lips of a client in front of my very own eyes.

Premier sponsors L’Oreal set up a large section with four components including the Matrix Line, L’Oreal Paris Cosmetics and Hair Products and SkinCeuticals (Allure Magazine’s Editor’s Choice Award Winner).

Celeb hairstylists Mark Garrison and Franco Della Grazia were on hand for consultations and trims. I interviewed Mark while he was trimming the hair of a self proclaimed hippie and he noted that he was going to frame her face with long layers to add some bounce and dimension to her fine straight hair. As soon as he framed one side, I saw the difference in the volume of her hair and she did too. Once he finished, she looked lighter and the long layers made her hair appear fuller. Mark said her hair was too fine and he would not use a razor or real straight edge to cut it but add wispy layers to frame her face only.

Matrix introduced their line “Total Results” which consists of five complete hair care ranges for every hair challenge and each line had its own “Total Miracle” product. There were make overs everywhere you looked and I liked the fact that Doctors were also on hand to answer any question you had regarding skin care, cosmetic dentistry and plastic surgery. Names such as Dr. Howard Sobel, a well known Dermatologist who pioneered the “Trifecta” a combination of Botox, Restylane and hyaluronic acid injections, Dr. Irene Grafman a Cosmetic Dentist who believes that beautiful smiles are within everyone’s reach, and hundreds of other Doctors were available daily for consultations throughout the full day from 12 to 5 pm.

I opted for a last minute makeover by Oscar for Sue Devitt and learned that I should only highlight one area of my face. He first took my overall look and blended my own products better and then layered on a navy based smoky eye to bring out my brown/hazel eye color. A must for my bag he said were deep brown and black liners/ shadows as they could be worn daily but to play with navy at night. A pale lip first fully lined in Bellona and then topped with a gloss in Coral Sands finished the look. Oscar also made it a point to tell me that it was ok to play up every feature but my face would read better to an audience if I intensified only one feature at a time when applying my makeup. I looked 100x better when I left that evening than when I initially walked in. Oscar also showed me how to highlight my face by using a small brush dipped into a frosty white color and dabbing on the inner corners of my eye, along my brow bone and a touch on both my chin and the higher portion of my cheeks.

One product I wanted to learn more about was the Palovia (TM) skin renewing laser. I had seen it in Bergdorf’s and knew it would be a big hit as it’s the first in home laser treatment I had heard of. It also won Allure’s Beauty Breakthrough awards for this year. I had tried it before and liked that the first electric zap actually showed that it did something to my skin. Although the area it zapped was initially red, it calmed down within a few minutes and I know if I had bought it and kept up the specific regimen and read all of the detailed instructions it would be a great item to have.

Sandy Linter Lancome

Sandy Linter

Sandy Linter for Lancôme who is a Makeup Artist/Author and works out of the Rita Hazan salon on NY’s own Fifth Avenue was very busy that day with women awaiting her full attention. No wonder as for the first time in the beauty industry, a true expert on beauty at every age now exists. Sandy consults with the Lancôme product development teams, trains Lancôme makeup artists and visits Lancôme counters and boutiques across the county to meet and work with Lancôme clients. Lancôme products including Hypnose Doll Lashes, Artliner eye liner point precision in Noir and Le Crayon Khol eyeliner pencil were used on certain clients that wanted to highlight their eyes.

BOOM! (TM) by Cindy Joseph proved to be a wonderful stop as I learned that Cindy’s products were natural and one named Glo actually acts as an antiseptic as it has beeswax in it as well as organic propolis. Cindy believed there was plenty of make up in the industry but that not every woman needed to use so much. She was a makeup artist for many years and became a super model later in life. She is known for creating at natural look with her three products Glo, Color and Glimmer. Products can be purchased by going to

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