(Giveaway): Histoires de Parfum presents "1804" or "George Sand"

My interest in George Sand started with a movie called Impromptu, which highlighted the tour de force of a woman: George Sand (born Aurore Dupin). I then sought out her biography, and discovered her daring, compassionate yet feminist heart: her love affairs with men like Chopin were legendary, but fizzled quickly.

Sand lived during the 1800’s as Ayn Rand did in the 20th century: on her own terms, and embracing everything radical and independent. She even dressed in men’s clothing, and one could say she was a feminist long before the word existed. In today’s world she would very likely be a “celeb,” for her string of famous lovers (Alfred de Musset before Chopin) or her friendships with the biggest names of the day- Lizst and Delacroix among them.

I have her huge autobiography, Histoires de ma Vie or Story of My Life sitting on the shelf. One day I will tackle it. It’s daunting and almost Proustian in quality (1,117 pages of small type), but her life is too fascinating not to explore it.

To me she is as relevant today as then. She was a strong, opinionated woman who lived her life on her own terms and valued her freedom. She was far from perfect, but she tackled feminism (before it was called that) and politics when it was unseemly and unheard of for women to do so. She was considered a radical and supported the failed revolution in the 1800s.

Luckily not all have forgotten her. Among them is Gérald Ghislain of Histoires de Parfum.

In his lineup of beautiful fragrances is one created in tribute to Sand.

Categorized as amber floral, the George Sand scent is formally named 1804. It’s a very rich scent with lighter florals and a nice hint of spices. It has a warm quality not just from the spices but also a burst of white flowers in the beginning. Cozy but not dark and great for all seasons, but will do well in the chillier fall temperature.

This is a strong scent, not overpowering, but also not one that will stay quietly close to the skin. Sort of like Sand herself.

Notes are:
Top: Tahitian gardenia, Corsica peach, Hawaiian Pineapple,
Heart ( Middle) : clove, Indian jasmine, lily of the valley, rose of Morocco,
Base : Sandalwood, patchouli, Benzoin, vanilla, white musk

Available at www.beautycafe.com
More info:www.histoiresdeparfums.com

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Diane Artzberger, The Beauty Alchemist

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