The Stuff Fairy Tales are Made Of: Winter Skincare Tips

When the temperatures dive to sub zero levels, everything in your body goes awry: your internal clock is messy as your room, your muscles become stiffer than cardboard, and your skin really loses its luster.

So, here are five winter skincare tips to help you look your best. Just follow them and you’ll be well rewarded. See? Simple.

Exfoliate and smooth your skin

The cold weather strips the skin of valuable moisture, and causes uneven skin tone and dryness. The best strategy is to use an exfoliating cream (nothing too abrasive).

We do love Lierac’s Exfoliating Smoothing Cream ($38) that contains a hefty concentration (25%) of aluminum oxide crystals for in-depth exfoliation and to help promote circulation and cell generation. It smooths away dead skin cells but does not sap your skin’s moisture levels.

Moisturize and hydrate

During the cooler months, it’s all the more important to hydrate it and protect it from the damages of harsh cold and wind. We recommend a rich moisturizer if you have dry skin, and an oil-free one if you have combination skin. We love La Mer’s hydrating facial ($250 for six applications): a pricey but thoroughly indulgent find.

Take Special Care of your Under Eye Area

Protecting your eyes is key, especially when the environmental stresses do everything to weaken this area. Use your favorite eye cream (or even better, a serum and cream) and make sure you dab moisturizers on each night before you retire to bed.

Regenerate your Skin at Night

During the evening is when your skin truly repairs itself. This is the time to put on your anti-aging creams, serums and potions and lotions until you work off the city’s toxic, Gargamel spell.

Protect your skin like a wizard, especially during the night, and you’ll wake up with rested face in the morning. It sounds a lot like a Brother’s Grimm fairy tale, but we wouldn’t file these tips under “fantasy.”

Tell us, what winter skin care tips do you follow? Has your skin noticed a substantial difference?

-Charu Suri

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