(Giveaway & Review): Softsheen-Carson's "Dark & Lovely" Relaxers

Softsheen-Carson’s Dark and Lovely Relaxers recently underwent a change. ‘Rebranding’ seems a little radical, so perhaps the term ‘pick-me-up’ fits better. The scientific brains that move and shake at the company have added shea butter and polymers that promote strength and body to the relaxing formulas in an effort to seal in the five signs of healthy hair : moisture, sheen, strength, softness, and body.

Bria Murphy

To celebrate this new formula, Dark and Lovely unveiled the youthful Bria Murphy (you may have heard of her father, Eddie Murphy) as the latest brand ambassador. I had the good fortune to hear Bria Murphy speak recently at a Dark and Lovely event in New York. She sparkled with optimism and sincerity as she gave a few remarks about joining fellow ambassador Nia Long as a spokeswoman for the company. Long, the picture of grace and poise, welcomed Murphy aboard as they both extolled the virtues of these products.

I’m not part of the target market, but I understand the appeal. The spokeswomen that night pointed out that all of the products retail at drugstores for under $10. Ages ago, when I found myself trapped in high school with precious little control over my life, I would go to the drugstore and buy a $6 dye kit and presto-chango! I was a different person.

Well, I was still me, but I had red hair that made me feel like the epitome of glamour. That’s the a phrase I kept hearing from Long, Murphy, and other representatives at the event: Everyone should feel glamorous. If relaxing textured hair does that for you, then Softsheen-Carson has provided easy and affordable way to make it happen.

Here’s the giveaway part. I left the event with a beautiful gift bag containing three different types of the relaxing kits – one each for Fine-to-Medium Hair, Super for Coarse Hair, and Color-Treated Hair. So, beauties, leave a comment below telling us which of those categories you fall into for a chance to win a kit for your specific hair type. Bonus points if you hit me up with an email or comment after you use the kit. I’d love to know how the kits stack up to in-salon procedures, and if you’d use it again, or recommend it to a friend (don’t forget to share this post on your Facebook wall).

Let the glamor begin.
All Softsheen-Carson Dark and Lovely products are available at drugstores across the country, but you can also by them online at their website, www.softsheen-carson.com.

Katharine McKenzie

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