Review: Kate Somerville Launches Exfolikate Acne Treatment

There are some celeb skincare secrets that are not so secret, after all. Kate Somerville’s famed Beverly Hills clinic is one of them, and her proud client roster features several names that can be found on the “Hollywood Walk of Fame.”

She has received glowing endorsements from stars including Kate Walsh, Julia Louis Dreyfus, Debra Messing and Felicity Huffman, among numerous others. Her book, Complexion Perfection, is filled with Kate’s special tips and secrets on how to get your skin glowing.

Now, she has a new product out that sits prettily on the shelves of Sephora. The new Exfolikate Acne treatment is an answer to the prayers of those who have been longtime fans of Exfolikate. Naturally, it addresses your teenage zit (and adult “blemish”) concerns with its blend of anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties. It smells pepperminty, and is very calming. The size of the granules is not enormous (you won’t feel as though you have asteroids scrubbing and peeling your layer of skin off), and it’s meant to be used once or twice a week.

“It’s the next best thing to getting an acne treatment at the clinic,” says Somverville, who recently hosted an editor’s event at The London Hotel in New York City.

Kate Somerville Exfolikate Acne

The Exfolikate Acne treatment is formulated with Salicylic Acid, and active tea tree oil. “This is medical grade tea tree oil,” says Somerville (note: if you purchase tea tree oil at other retailers, chances are it does not have the potency of pure and medical grade oil). “Acne is a huge concern right now…almost a rising trend,” she says. “Adult acne is on the rise as well.”

Stress and lack of proper routine are definite contributors to this rise in breakouts. To get the most optimal use of this treatment, make sure you stick to a routing each morning and evening (we recommend Kate Somerville’s Daily Detox Cleanser, which is what every acne treatment in Kate’s clinic begins with), and use Exfolikate Acne treatment once or twice a week.

You don’t need a million dollars –just patience and a good routine — to get that Justin Bieber-like skin. For best results, continue this regimen for at least 28 days before giving up or switching; a glowing complexion (just like Rome) wasn’t built in a day! Exfolikate Acne retails for $65, and is paraben and sulfate free.

Charu Suri

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