(Beauty Photo Contest & Giveaway) T-Mobile Users! Win a HTC HD 7 Windows Touch Phone

It’s rare that we address technology here at BeautyStat, but technology is sexy. Phones are feline creatures that are catlike and edgy. Not only that, they contain valuable apps that allow you to go high-res, take foxy pictures, and share at a moment’s notice.

The new HTC HD 7 is designed for IMAX lovers. The touch screen is huuuuge, as in 4.3 inches. It’s like having a drive in movie theatre in your pocketbook. The Windows Phone 7 has an intuitive OS system from Microsoft and also has Xbox live, with all your music and videos integrated with Zune entertainment (this means your Netflix and more!).

HTC HD7 Phone

The pinnacle of this sleek creation maybe the Dolby surround sound effect when you put your headphones on. The super fast processor optimizes the HiFi sound. And what’s more, there a cool 5MP camera with an auto focus and flash. More than enough to take the foxiest picture of you in that cocktail dress. It’s also a 3G phone, and has GPS and Wi-Fi.

So, what are we saying? Are we really giving one away?


You heard us! We are giving away one HTC HD 7 Windows Touch Phone to a lucky winner (you can use it only on T-Mobile…so sorry if you’re married to other carriers). It retails for $199.99.

How can you win this gorgeous device? Simply send a picture of any makeup you’re wearing (nails, eye shadow, lipstick) taken from your phone and email it to us at Contest@beautystat.com. We’ll pick a lucky winner in a week.

Spread the love and share the word to other friends! Good luck!

Charu Suri

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