Nail Art News: Minx Ties in with Celebrity Manicurists

We’ve all longed for and coveted those golden digits, and now it seems Minx is everywhere. OPI launched a “Chic Prints” line for Sephora for ladies who clamored for less expensive Minx options, so you can apply them at home — the concept of “Minx” for the masses is genius!

Sephora Chic Prints

But the truth is — it’s not really Minx unless you get it done by professionals at salons. The newly launched celebrity-designed Minx nail art is priced a little bit higher than traditional Minx manis (think $10 more, not a small fortune). The Oceanside, CA based company introduced its first celebrity collection with manicurist Lisa Logan last month, and now the total number of celeb-designed nail art is about eight.

Minx Celebrity Manicurists

There are classic designs and highly intricate designs as well.

We all know celebrities obsession with Minx nails (remember Beyonce? Lady Gaga?…just a tad bit obsessed). So, what are you waiting for? Hurry to your nearest Minx salon to see if you can bling your digits with the latest nail art. After all, the Oscars are just around the corner.

Charu Suri

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