Golden Globes 2009 Slumdog Star Freida Pinto Goes Glam with Jouer

A sparkling night for the underdogs, indeed. This year, the Golden Globes gave nods to the brilliant performance of the late Heath Ledger and the budget film based in Mumbai that was suprised to get distribution in the United States at all, let alone a nomination, Slumdog Millionare.

Lead actress of Slumdog, Freida Pinto, didn’t look like she needed much makeup, but Jeffrey Paul shows us how to play with Jouer Cosmetics to get her glam ‘do.

Eyes: Jeffrey used a thick green liner with flecks of gold. He smudged the Jouer Vert eye definer very close to the lashes to frame her eyes, The soft green color complimented her eye coloring while the gold flecks in the liner tied the look together. For additional color, he added Jouer Amaretto eyeshadow in the crease of the eyelid to add definition and blended with a soft brush. The Jouer black mascara was used on both the top and bottom lashes to show off Freida’s long thick lashes.

(Jouer eye definer – Vert; $20, Jouer black mascara; $18, Jouer crème highlighter – Champagne; $20, Jouer eyeshadow – Amaretto; $20)

Skin: To get Freida’s sunkissed look, Jeffrey mixed together foundation and concealer and only used on key spots to blend outward for a soft effect. The Jouer crème highlighter was used on the brow bone and cheek bones to add additional definition and shimmer. ( Jouer crème highlighter – Champagne; $20)

Lips: Jeffrey finished the look using the Jouer crème highlighter matched with the Jouer monsoon gloss. The golden tone of the highlighter accentuated the natural pink color of her lips while the sheer deep wine gloss was the perfect compliment. (Jouer crème highlighter – Champagne; $20; Lipgloss, Jouer Monsoon; $20)